Vng test tomorrow...really scared.

Hi everyone, I’m having a vng test tomorrow. I’m so so scared. I’ve read that it could make symptoms worse. The last month i have been feeling a bit better, with diet and supplements, i still have the symptoms just a little less. Im really scared to go back to where I was a couple of weeks ago. Please help me.

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It made my symptoms worse for about a day or two, but then it went back to baseline symptoms.
Its not likely to make symptoms worse much longer than that. Are you able to rest for the rest of the day and possibly next day? Try to make a plan of care for yourself immediately after the test - its definitely a stressful test for anyone. Stay positive and be brave! Let us know how it goes.

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I agree with @ander454 it made me bad for a day or two aswell then I was back to my baseline . Hope it goes ok x

Thank you so much for the encouragement. The test wasn’t so bad, I’m a little off, but ok. The audiologist said that I have 40% weakness in my left ear. She said it was unilateral loss and that my right side is trying to compensate. Question? Can you have this and migraines? i only ask because i still get headaches and my vision is shaky/static.

Great! Nice work! I was going to say last night that I was unable to complete my caloric VNG because I threw up, but I figured that wouldn’t be helpful for your anxiety so I waited for today to share that… So since my test results were incomplete they “speculated” based on limited results that I may have 20% weakness on one side. So, I don’t read much into speculations, pity there was not much to show in that test given how much I suffered during it…

I belong to a local meetup of people who have “dizzy” problems, including meneires, BPPV, migraine, etc. Many who have had physical problems with their inner ear also report headaches and head pressure. So, my feeling is that you can get headaches from ear trouble for sure and they coexist together. But in my case, it feels more like headaches eventually got me dizzy. But then its a vicious cycle of headache causing cizzy, dizzy causing headache, and so on…

That is very nice of you to be so considerate. Yes i was a ball of tears yesterday and shaking doing the caloric test.
Im so sorry the test made you sick. I can definitely see how it could do that. I had air instead of water and after the test my tinnitus was sooo loud. Also, that is awesome that you have an in person support group. I wish there was one in my area. It is definitely a vicious cycle, wish it was linear. Thank you again for the encouragement.

Erik, did you find this group on ?

Yes, I found them on I believe.

Just would like to add one more thought:

The tests are mostly an initial workup … once you are through them you will rarely have additional tests scheduled (save perhaps the odd hearing tests etc.) and you get to have a more peaceful existence :slight_smile:

So steel yourself as you need for the initial testing but remember that there is light very close at the end of a pretty short tunnel.

Also remember, doctors & clinicians design these tests so as not to harm you in any way though they naturally can bring on fluctuations in symptoms.

Good luck today!