Vomiting and Nausea

Do you all get this when you’re having an episode. I’ve never vomited and have never really felt that nauseated. It seems to go hand in hand with MAV and I wondered if it’s strange (but in a good way LOL) that I don’t experience it? Maybe another clue into my theory that my episodes are probably more psychogenic?

I was just diagnosed with vestibular migraine and he told me one supporting piece of evidence was that I do NOT get nauseous. He claims that would have indicated an inner ear problem.

I don’t suffer from nausea either - never have, but it’s something I’ve always wondered about.

I get nauseous, but it isn’t severe. I can usually eat fine as long as I stay still for a while before and after a meal. It is very rare for me to actually vomit. That only happens if I have a really prolonged spin (which is rare for me).

Hi there, I have felt nauseous for very short periods in very strong rotational spin - but never for long and I have never vomited. I have never vomited with migraine.

Hi all i have to say you are all lucky when i get the spinning i vomit for hours it dosent mater what i take i cant stop it lasted for 8 hours last time thats the worst part for me . I just got back from a week in Scotland and i was fine the hole time i was away my balance was perfect , no ringing in the ear , no dizzyness now im back im all over the place
best wishes to you all janet


I am the same as you…if i have Vertigo i vomit intensely! My world turns upside down!! Once in awhile if the vertigo is a very small spin i luck out and don’t get sick…but that is a rare occasion. After having this condition for 15 years i don’t have Vertigo episodes nearly as often…maybe one small miner one once a year. I guess the body has a way of repairing itself to some degree.


I don’t get nauseas, I just simply lose my apetite. My wife on the other hand experiences the painful type of migraines and ends up vomiting from the extreme amount of pain she experiences.

Hi Brian
I have to ask the pain you’r wife gets is that like a neuralgia pain on the side of her face if so i get that just seconds before an attack or in the ear
best regards janet


My wife’s migraines are full head pain, not the one sided pain that is typical of “the classical” migraine.