Hi all. Does anyone here have any experience with the antidepressant vortioxetine/Brintillex?

I started it two days ago and after the first dose my vision was affected and it still isn’t right. It is harder to focus than usual. I know blurred vision is listed as a side effect, what I was wondering is has anyone had this side effect and if so does it go away?

I had to stop duloxetine because of this same issue, but it didn’t start until about 2-3 weeks in with that one.

I was prescribed vortioxetine for GAD and it has helped with my sleep and made me feel more chilled out already (probably because I can finally sleep!!). But I am concerned that vision has been affected straight away and by such a low dose 2.5mg. I was supposed to start at 5mg but I usually halve what is recommended because I am very sensitive and seem to get a lot of side effects.