VRT and new pathways

Anyone knows for how long you have to practice a VRT exercise to establish a STRONG pathway? I don’t mean getting results I mean make sure the result doesn’t go away

I wonder about this too, as I’m also doing VRT.
My neurologist said that with migraine vertigo VRT only starts to work once the brain has calmed down (less migrainous activity). Otherwise it just keeps being washed away like sandcastles


I did VTR last year and helped. Just went through a bad patch and was feeling off so started VRT again last week and that went away, just wondering if i have to continue the excercise a little longer to make the result stronger

Good description. Sticks in the mind. I like that. Sure it’s correct too. I don’t see how the brain can ‘reset itself’ where such instability exists. Surely one couldn’t expect the migraine to stop if you took the painkillers on the way to the Musical Festival. Helen

I imagine it is important for the foreseeable, when I did it years ago my GP said even when I feel dizzy still do them!!
I couldn’t.
Some days its nearly impossible to even turn around in my kitchen without feeling my head is about to spin! Dont think I could manage VRT right now. Everyday life is my VRT atm :expressionless:

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I found that everyday life (and really that means getting out and about) is really good VRT. No need to poke the bear with exercises imho.


Absolutely James! I’ve recently had my Botox one week ago and Im so unsteady atm… migraine headache everyday the lot.
Going to the supermarket at this moment would be challenging :flushed:

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Correct but … I managed to get over the supermarket problem with VRT and now I can go in nearly any supermarket without having a migraine


Joanna, thats fantastic progress, well done! I remember when I got to that stage. Such a good feeling :rocket:

If VRT works for you, go for it! :slight_smile:

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yes it does work, problem is that every time an episode happens it ruins the work I have done

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I found that episodes only held me back for at most 2 weeks, then I bounced back to baseline. (this is without VRT).

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That kind of proves the theory about MAV needing to be stable before attempting VRT I guess.

Can I ask how you can be sure it was the VRT and not the Venlafaxine/Nori.

A good question to ask your VRT provider. Any chance? Could be an interesting conversation. Helen