Vrt epic fail

Not only did we have to stop the VRT yesterday (migraine symptoms were too significant). From lying on my side to sitting up straight, it took forever to refocus my eyes. The sound of the arm-cycle a gentleman was using was doing the Japanese thing to my ear drums causing that tympanic vibration that makes it difficult to concentrate. The therapy chick, Margaret, said my eyes were ‘restless’. It doesn’t help that they have fluorescent lighting.
That’s right. Fluorescent lighting in a studio where compensation therapy for vestibular patients take place. Riddle me that one!

I came home and was doing pretty well as long as the decibles remained pretty low…until yesterday evening. I was feeding the duck (long story, I’ve raised a diaper-wearing therapy duck), and (in retrospect) tiny voice in my head whispered ‘timber’ as my body gave in to my dizziness. Floors and ceiling weren’t where they belonged…and now I have a bruise on my butt the size of Rhode Island. The strong dizziness was temporary though and within a few minutes, the worst of it was over. A physiological reminder to not get too cocky.

But hubby insisted I go to bed - and you know, I was exhausted. The kind of exhausted that when you slip under the covers, the bed greedily receives your body and the bones in your body give up the daily duty of holding you up. The kind of exhausted that causes your muscles to give up every shred of tension the instant you go horizontal. Yeah…THAT kind of exhausted. I had a great dream though.

Honey announced, this morning, that he wants me to quit VRT because I’m so clearly worse afterwards. “Wait until you’ve seen a neurologist before you go back.”
That’s the 18th. I might go ahead and put a hold on my sessions between now and then…and do my homework.

Well, that’s the update. :slight_smile:
Have a good, migraine free, straight-as-an-arrow day. Okay…maybe not TOO straight.

Hi Marie, love your writing style. Makes me smile. I had to give up VTR as well, apparently migraineurs notably have difficulty with it. You made me remember when I was seeing one consultant who not only had a room lit with the dreaded floursecent lights but had a vicious spotlight on her desk pointed towards me and which reflected off a massive, open, boxed set of shiny chrome instruments. It was all I could do to stop myself falling off the chair I was sat on, let alone concentrate on what she was saying. Just like you I thought how ridiculous a setting for seeing MAV patients. The 18th’s not too far away, although far enough I would imagine when you’re feeling as you are. Hope you find real help with the neurologist . Meanwhile, try to take it easy.


Thanks for giving us an update in the most unique writing style only you can do.

There are many things I do not understand about doctors offices especially those who treat MAV or migraine patients. One doctors office I went to had scents throughout the office…how stupid ! Plus yes the lights are always an issue but at least my therapist did only have a lamp in the room we used for my VRT treatments and no scents in the office thank goodness.

Hopefully you can find some relief soon …perhaps putting of your treatments until after you see the doctor would be best. I assume you are not in the states …as why did it take you that long to get an appt?

Hope today is a better day…rest…and rest some more.

I actually AM in the states. Missouri, to be exact. I have no idea why the first neuro thought I could be put off until March of 2010. As for this second one, 1 month was, I thought, pretty quick.

I reread my thread starter…realized I didn’t really finish my first sentence. @@ It’s these little things that frustrate me. Difficulty typing right now - can’t get fingers to play well with others.

Be back later.

I guess one month is not too bad I have never had to wait that long except when I saw the specialist from Emory who it took two months to get in to see.

I can not believe they thought you could or should wait until March of next year that is just crazy.

I hear that if VRT doesn’t help and makes things worse it is more evidence for the MAV dx.

— Begin quote from “MAVLisa”

I hear that if VRT doesn’t help and makes things worse it is more evidence for the MAV dx.

— End quote

What’s complicating things is that I also have the unilateral vestibular loss, too. I see some improvement on my good days - but let a migraine set in, and it’s like I have to start all over again.

I sure does help to hear that I’m not alone in this. I am also convinced of MAV. With my symptoms and the white matter lesions…its almost a no-brainer…howeer…I’ll let the professional decide.

Btw…I only suffered barometric headaches prior to my inner-ear thing…almost all of my life, actually. Never motion sickness until my first attack and then mild enough that I could still do a roller-coaster ride…once.

So why, all of a sudden, am I have these major issues?! Again…is the vertigo causing the migraines or are the migraines making my vertigo worse? Could my vertigo be causing the migraines??

Vertigo could also be a symptom of migraine. Did you ever read “Heal your headache” by Dr. Buchholz?

— Begin quote from “MAVLisa”

Vertigo could also be a symptom of migraine. Did you ever read “Heal your headache” by Dr. Buchholz?

— End quote

Not read the book yet but it’s on order. Meanwhile - I have underlying vertigo from inner ear damage caused by, we think, a virus. The inner ear damage started almost 2 decades ago but I’ve always been able to compensate. After this recent attack (end of June), the powers that be saw how amazingly adaptive I’ve been and decided I should face a real challenge and VOILA, migraines which we know can cause vertigo.

Because nothing else has changed in my life except for this non-compensating inner ear damage, likely thanks to the MAV, is it not possible that my calorik weakness/vestibulopathy could be a trigger for my MAV which can cause further damage to my inner ear causing more dizziness, triggering another migraine which…okay…now THAT was dizzying. LOL

It’s like looking at my reflection in the reflection of a reflection of a reflection!

— Begin quote from “MAVLisa”

I hear that if VRT doesn’t help and makes things worse it is more evidence for the MAV dx.

— End quote

Yup – from Rauch:

“In my experience, migraineurs are the only patients whose symptoms get WORSE when they attempt vestibular rehabilitation physical therapy. [size=130]This is practically diagnostic of migraine[/size]. In fact, in management of inner ear balance disorders (VN, labyrinthitis, relapsing BPPV, Meniere’s disease, etc), a diagnosis of migraine trumps all of these other conditions – unless and until the migraine is controlled/suppressed, the treatments for the inner ear disease tend to be ineffective.”


Thanks, Scott.

I’ve had two ‘drop’ events. Last night, s sudden shift in the ship’s deck aaaaaaand she’s down! My head felt extremely heavy, as does the rest of my body, like my energy supply was suddenly siphoned away (probably the cat’s doing).

That part of MAV, too?

I’ve had two ‘drop’ events

Yup. There was an article published some time ago in a British paper where this was going on in a woman. For a long time no one knew what it was … and she was dragged down all sorts of dead ends by various doctors. In the end a migraine med cleaned it all up for her.


That’s reassuring…I mean, that it can be taken care of with meds. Now - here’s to praying that we don’t have to mortgage the house in order to afford the necessary meds.