Vyepti IV

Hi All,

I had appointment with the neurology yesterday and i was telling him that my condition is not stable, sometimes i feel better but this month i feel my progress is low and i start to have the old symptoms again.

So he tell me that his next plan is to use the new migraine IV (Vyepti). The medicine will arrive next month & He added my name in the list. Its new drug in my country however the doctor mentioned that its already been used in USA since one year.

Just wondering if anyone here has been involved in a clinical trial for this IV?

If yes can you please tell us your experience ?

I am currently under the following treatment:

Emgality 8 months
Cipralex 20 mg
Nortriptyline 20 mg


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Hi Hope

No idea what respond you will receive. This certainly seems the very latest development and you might get to be a part of it. Be interesting to see how you progress. I’d not heard the word before - and still would not wish to try to pronoun it! - so I had to look it up. It’s a CGRP given IV every three months so it seems. So it’s same class as the Emgality you already take. Have you been told to continue with that as well? All the best. I’m sure you will let us know how you progress.

One wonders what the difference can be between this and the others already in use. The very fact it’s IV makes a hospital visit which won’t make it popular in many quarters. Far too much expense though I’ve a feeling that fact must in itself may be significant.

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