Wake up with one ear/eye/side of face full of pressure every day - familiar?

Curious to know if anyone else has this. I feel like I go long periods like this then maybe get breaks but it’s been so long I don’t know anymore. Im constantly dizzy but currently I basically wake up with one ear/eye/side of face full of pressure every day and that side of the body is weaker even down to my leg and I’m dizzy and I’m rocking and I think even that eye is blurrier. And back of skull on that side hurts. Driving is difficult after I drive I feel like I’m rocking even more. How do people work with this illness? I’m so fed up. Just started fluoxetine and topamax last week and feel even more awful and lethargic and dizzy so we will see how long I last on these. Anyone else get these symptoms am I basically having a migraine every morning in my sleep that’s sort of what I’m thinking idk

Symptom intensity varies day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Suspect that’s what you are feeling. Not getting sufficient quality sleep and general anxiety about the entire situation blurs the lines I guess. Nobody knows for sure but there’s sone sort of consensus that constant 24/7 symptoms albeit variable in intensity are the result of many continuing assaults on an already shaky hypersensitivebvestibular system but I wouldn’t suppose many would subscribe to the ‘migraine a day syndrome. Some do. Some consultants believe the constant dizziness is in place if a constant headache or migraine, many don’t. There is such a syndrome as ‘Constant Daily Headache’ some on here experience it. Everybody’s different and nobody really knows much about it for sure. In fact only this last week somebody on here quoted their consultant as saying what they had was a ‘condition very little is known about’ and they weren’t so far wrong there. Best not worry too much about the Why’s and Wherefores and concentrate on the control strategy which don’t forget includes Trigger Avoidance (your driving reference). No point swallowing all those tablets to calm the hypersensitivity down and then doing activities which you know increase symptoms, ie wind the sensitivity back up again. No point at all. People find they have to stop driving, drop out of work, avoid computerTV screens, cut caffeine etc. All part of the preventative package, Helen

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