Want to try pitzotifen worried about weight gain

Hi I want to try Pitzo and planning on going on it next week. Im worried about weight gain does it make you want to eat more so this is where the weight gain comes in?
I wish I had tried it last year when i had lost lots of weight and needed to put some back on but now Im just right and scared to be overweight .
I would do anything to feel better though so if I went on this drug and increased my appetite I would be mindful of that and try to be aware of it if you know what I mean. Im only small and 5ft 1 so when I put weight on it is noticeable.

Thanks guys


I took pizotifen (plus beta blockers) and found it really got my MAV under good control, in fact I’ve managed to cut out the pizotifen now (after a couple of tries) and am still feeling good.

They definitely helped my MAV a lot, but they also made me put on weight. Like you, I thought if it was just a case of my appetite increasing I would be able to handle it, as I’ve always been slim/physically active and I work as a scientist/nutritionist, so I’m very aware of my food intake etc. However, I still put on about 10lb, and this was with making a big effort not to put on any more. My main problem was a lack of satiety, i.e. not feeling full when I had eaten, which made it very difficult to stop eating once I had started, but I also found I was thinking about food and when I could next eat ALL THE TIME. Within a week of stopping the tablets my appetite was back to normal, and it feels great to get full when I eat a meal and stop obsessing about food all the time!

However, although this was my own experience with pizotifen my daughter also takes it, with no apparent extra weight gain (although a bit hard to tell as she’s still growing as she’s 13). She’s your height, and a UK size 6/8 so very slim. And Tony (TeeCee) who also comes on this website, I don’t think it increased his appetite either (I expect he will come along shortly and tell you himself).

So although it’s a side effect for some people, it’s by no means certain it will be for you. And I know lots of people have found it beneficial for migraine and MAV. The weight gain was DEFINITELY worth if for the improvements it made to my life. Go for it!