We get better!

I put out a poll several years ago now: POLL: Are you getting better?

For those who’ve had MAV for 12 months or more, the vast majority of people responded by saying they are better than they were a year before.

If we ignore the “not had for 12 months” people (reasonable for this angle), then roughly:

  • 72% feel improvement in 1 year
  • 16% are about the same
  • 12% feel worse

So, whilst we need to be aware of the more difficult cases, most people improve, by a large margin. Feeling worse is the least likely case, but sadly occurs for roughly 1 in every 8.5 cases.

Bear in mind these numbers will include people who’ve had MAV for 3 years as well as people who’ve had it for 1.5 years.

One anecdotal piece of evidence to back this up are the significant numbers of people who used to post a lot here, who rarely do now, suggesting they’ve got things under control and they’ve moved on.

A year time frame was chosen because, as we all know, there are lots of ups-and-downs in MAV and symptoms will rise and fall, so it’s important to look at things from a long enough perspective to notice real base-line improvement.

So in any case, for most of our users, especially those with MAV for just a year or two, improvement over the next 12 months is very likely !! :dove:


when I first went to the neurologist she told me to give it at least a year to start feeling better, so you are right on the money there! and it was true and two years later, I feel I get better everyday.