Weaning off Amitriptyline

Hi guys,

I hope you’re well.

First, good news. I feel like I’m 90% back to normal. I feel fitter, I don’t remember I have migraine (except a bit of dizziness before my menstrual cycle and fluroscent lights). The person I was in 2019 wouldn’t believe it.

I’ve been on ami 10 mg for about 4 years now and wanted to wean off over 3 weeks; but my symptoms have now escalated. I’m wondering if anyone successful weaned off ami, how long out took; if their symptoms escalated and what happened next? Any insight would be super helpful.

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I came down from 40mg to 30 mg last year. I’m now back up again but that’s another story! I came down in 5mg stages so I cut the tablets in half. Whether I’ve gone up or down I’ve always been worse for about two weeks and then it steadies off.

So I did e as ch 5 mg decrease or increase for about 8 weeks before making another change.

Are you on any other supplements or diet? Maybe keep them going if you are.

Im so pleased you’re doing so well to come off completely. I’m sure you will get there. Just try and look after yourself.

Hello, glad to hear you are feeling better. You sound very similar to me, I’m trying to wean off from 40mg, I’m now down to 30mg, but when I go down by half a pill, my symptoms ramp up really badly for quite a while. I’m not sure why that is, but it does eventually settle down, takes about 3 months. Not pleasant, hence why I’m still stuck at 30mg, not wanting to reduce again :expressionless: