Weaning off of effexor

Man, this is one med I did not like. Topamax gave me such a bad temper that I probably would have ended up in prison under manslaughter charges, but going off of it didn’t the problems I am having now. On the effexor I was diagnosed by a disability counsellor as being severley depressed, and I was falling asleep all the time. My mood is much better now, but I can feel other side effects everytime I decrease my dosage. Moslty, my stomach goes sour and I start coughing. I THINK that what is happening is that I am over-producing phlegm, and I am coughing up some of the excess phlegm, and that the phlegm is also the same thing messing with my stomach. At least I am wanting to spend mommy and daddy time with my wife after the kids go to bed now, if you catch my drift. 8) To top it all off now, the 24/7 dizziness is returning. That is about all I can say the effexor was doing was keeping the dizziness from being constant.

Just curious, what have other people experinced when coming down off of effexor?

Brian, I had some mild increased dizziness coming off of it also. It make me very anxious and I was grinding my teeth like crazy while I was on it. All in all, it wasn’t the one for me. I weaned down from 75mg over about 14-20 days. I was only on 75mg for 1 week and 37.5mg for about 7 weeks. Good luck! Ben

Hi Ben,
Good to hear from you. I’ve been thinking about how you were doing. What’s the latest???


All the meds I have taken over the years for this have caused nasty tooth grinding. It was so bad that I managed to break a tooth in ha;f a while back. I wish I could say that my current constant dizzy state was caused by the weaning but I was dizzy 24/7 for eighteen months right up to when I started taking the meds. It is hard tell if this is the 24/7 returning or if it is the wewaning process. Your post does give me a little hope that it will go away when I get off this d**** med. :slight_smile:

Hi Brian,
It must be so frustrating to have two meds (topamax and effexor) help your dizziness but cause other problems for you! Ugh… I hope you can find something that works and you can tolerate too.

Actually, the effexor reaaly didn’t do much to help me at all. That is why I am so anxious to get off of it. Now Depekote on the other hand was the magic bullet for about two years. Only problem is that it the depokote had been wearing off for the last two years, not to mention the wear and tear on my liver, it was about to time to stop it anyway, even if it was still working.

Brian, go slow and steady and I think you will break free. Lisa, I am not doing very well on Lexapro. I went up to 20 mgs and it made me more dizzy and I decided to wean back down to 10 mg. I am going to wean off over the next few week - I am going to go very slow. The next try may be Atacand. I hope that you are finding some success…I think you were starting Topamax? All the best for the Holidays to you both.

I tried Topamax about 5 years ago. It was the magic bullet except for the temper and headache. So, I am not messing with that one right now. The only one that I am messing with at this moment is effexor, and I decided today to enjoy the holidays and bump up my doasage just a hair so that I can quit dealing with the side effects. I am on the road visiting family right now and I am not able to take the med at the same time everyday, which is creating it’s own set of withdrawal symptoms. Once I get home I will go back into the weaning process where I have my creature comforts to make the withdrawl easier to tolerate.