Weaning off periactin

I, unfortunately, am no better on periactin, and will need to wean off. just wondering how others got off periactin. I’m on 12mg. I know it has antihistamine properties, which can just be stopped. however, it has other properties as well. of course, I will consult with my doc as well. my brain is super super sensitive to any change.

Really sorry the periactin didn’t work. Have you asked your neurologist about pizotifen. I know u can’t get it in america but there are ways around it. Facebook me if you want any help xxx

Thanks, Becks. I have asked him about piz and he won’t help at all with finding ways to obtain a med that he doesn’t use. I will likely take topa next, but if that fails I will likely want to try piz, somehow. very torn about what next steps should be. these medication decisions are truly life or death, as currently I am not “living”

i would cut the meds in half each week and taper down. i havent been able to tolerate meds so far but i was ok on the peri and just stopped as it wasnt really working, im super sensitive too but had no probs with this med, here in oz its over the counter. i think pizotifen is sandromigraine (not sure) i found i couldnt tolerate it after 1 week . i wouldnt worry to much about the peri