Weber Test

The ENT Dr did a test on me yesterday which involved putting a tuning fork in the centre of my forehead and asking which side the sound was on. I couldn’t hear anything at all. She tried again, but still nothing. I looked this up when I got home and found it’s called the Weber test but found nothing about what it means if you don’t hear anything at all. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience, please? Thank you!

The Weber test is a screening test for hearing performed with a tuning fork. It can detect unilateral (one-sided) conductive hearing loss (middle ear hearing loss) and unilateral sensorineural hearing loss (inner ear hearing loss). The test is named after Ernst Heinrich Weber (1795–1878).


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Weber test - Wikipedia

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Thank you. I did search online but can’t find anything about what it means if you hear nothing when they place the fork on your forehead?

They will be checking for ssccd. Superior semi circular canal dihissence. I have this and it may be a trigger for MAV.

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Thank you - that’s really interesting and, in a weird way, a ray of hope, as I’m beginning to get nervous based on the reactions of the various drs I saw on Wed., that there might be Something Else going on.
SSCD is not something I’d come across before and, reading about it, the symptoms are similar. Not sure what not hearing anything when the tuning fork was placed on my forehead means though??? And they didn’t comment but just referred me to neuro so maybe I’ll get a scan there that might show up any thinning/loss of the bone.