DIZZINESS AND MIGRAINE: Ritalin still working fine except that I’m still experiencing head pain when heavy weather fronts are moving about. The dizziness continues to float in a cloud about 4" above my head…and zapping me maybe 3-4 times per day when I do something stupid like turn to put a purse down, then change my mind and turn right back to pick it up off the floor where it fell, and stand again. My recovery is almost instant. HUGE difference from a week ago.

I continue to wear my sunglasses in places that use fluorescent lighting.

ENERGY: TONS of it. I’ve been going to the gym every other day, making my way back to the 5 day program I was on before all of this hit in June.

I was able to walk around the track at the gym, turning my head from side to side at every other step - and sometimes EVERY step, without ing carpet, so to speak. I was able to use a VERTICAL cardio machine. I know! Impressed the heck out of myself. After 18 minutes, though, I was ready to call it quits.

I am still very aware of when the medication is out of my system as the bone-torquing exhaustion kicks in and it becomes difficult for me to stay vertical. An indication that my body is still dealing with dizziness on a level that lives somewhere behind all this energy?


I eat only because my body requires nourishment. God, doens’t that just sound so zen’ish of me? Truth is, I am NOT HUNGRY. I’ve lost 8 lbs since we started this on the 15th?

I’d be concerned about losing that much in one week - then again - it came on pretty fast.


I am now completely weaned off the Verapamil and my blood pressure has returned to a healthier 124/84. My metabolism has increased enough that my regular temperature is somewhere between 98.8 and 99.2. Used to run, even before my attack, at 97.5.

I’m still very happy with the results. One week down and I am still able to claim success.

This is a new med I’ve never heard of for MAV. How did you come across this? I’ve never read about the use of Ritalin for MAV very intresting.

the pub-med study was posted but i think it was in the original thread when it was prescribed to me.