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Weird change in symptoms after starting diet

Hello! I was diagnosed about two months ago, and started the migraine diet (thank you dizzy cook, honestly saved me since I’m in college and didn’t have time to play around with recipes myself). I’m about six weeks into the diet, and I’ve noticed a definite, kind of weird change in symptoms.

I used to get a migraine every night when lying down/changing positions, but it was a relatively moderate amount of vertigo that I could (usually) sleep through. However, starting about three weeks into the diet, I am no longer getting migraines every night. I get them about twice a week, but they’re about four times as bad - I can no longer sleep through them. Is this a sign of recovery? Has this happened to anyone else?

Do you mean migraines, or BPPV-like positional symptoms?

I’d never consider a vertigo sensation that comes and goes in seconds that can depend on orientation of the head and position of body a migraine? That doesn’t make sense to me. However this is a common symptom in the MAV condition. Doesn’t make it a migraine though imho.

Recovery? Sorry to say, but recovery is likely to take months if not years not weeks. Symptoms can fluctuate and whilst I did eventually recovered from all vestibular symptoms there were vey few clear signs along the way. There did not seem to be any logic or pattern to most of the phases I morphed through.

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It didn’t come and go in seconds, it just only happened when I was lying down/changing positions, and it would happen the whole time lying down. I can assure you that after nine months of doctor visits and various tests that it is not BPPV or anything otolith related, they’ve narrowed it down to only being possible from migraines. (and from what I’ve read on here the position dependency doesn’t seem to be that unusual).

I guess I was hoping that six weeks (two months) would at least show some changes?

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Hi! i definitely have positional vertigo with my VM. As a matter of fact, I even finally just got around to asking my neuro about it on my last visit and she said it is completely normal. Leaning forward, leaning backward, I sleep on a wedge pillow + a regular pillow because laying flat is awful. So, I get it!
As far as your original topic regarding diet and the unusual change you’ve experienced, I cannot say. I’ve not had that experience.
Take care!

That would certainly sound like a full on vestibular migraine attack to me. Very similar to the sort I have had many times. Mine would initially when episodic last 72 hours continuously once they started and they always started first time on the morning when I awoke. They later extended to eight days in duration. Full on objective vertigo all the time as long as one had ones eyes open. They would stop as long as one led without moving and with eyes closed. Doctor who initially diagnosed me (incorrectly with BPPV as it turned out) told me never to go to bed but to sit upright on an upright chair until all symptoms passed. I did this for years until being told I should stay in bed. As the years passed other symptoms began to appear, symptoms much more migraine like such as photophobia, phonophobia, head pressure, full feeling ears etc.

Once you hit upon the right treatment plan for you - and that itself is very individual - two months certainly might. Vestibular issues are notoriously resilient to treatment. Many of the preventative drugs used can take several months to work optimumly but often people start to see some improvement before the drug reaches maximum effect. When it comes to diet I have read it helps about 20% of takers. Sometimes it proves all they need to do. As a teenager I dropped chocolate entirely (never to return) and that action stopped my ‘sick headaches’ completely for so many years I’d nearly forgotten why I did not eat chocolate in the first place.

So would it stop if you got up or sat up? (Appreciate that’s not a solution when you are trying to sleep, but you could perhaps lie at an angle like I did for a few months)

Hi… I am a positional vertigo sufferer too. Most mornings I range from mild to severe vertigo and when I roll over, the same can occur. I’m usually on the mild end thankfully. Very very off putting. I am 14 months now in!

Once I’m up and about it goes.

Hopefully we can find relief my friend

Hi! Same here, just diagnosed 3 days ago, but have been experiencing VM since 4/1/21. My Oto-Neuro in Boston said that I have a positional component that is aggravated by looking down. I’m glad to hear someone else experiences the same, even if it is not pleasant!

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Welcome to the forum JJ!
Interestingly, I associated positional vertigo with BPPV prior to asking my neuro recently.
My neuros response in regard to VM was that when a person bends forward or back, the pressure changes on the brain. That pressure change is compensated easily by the average brain but “our brains” (VM Brain) is very hypersensitive and does not like the change.
It made so much sense! Since so many of my VM issues seem to stem from my fussy brain not liking change!

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That does make sense. I think I can feel the pressure change in my head when lying down.

Hi @JJ-Pawsox, are you happy with your diagnosis and on a good management plan?

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I am happy I have a diagnosis. It’s better than the 9 months of wondering what was happening to me. My plan is to follow the dietary recommendations and see how I feel after a few months, keep up my stress reduction techniques, and continue exercising. I have no plans to try medication.