Weird COVID-19 experience

I may have contracted COVID-19 in early march. The reason why I suspect this is because I had some symptoms that were very similar (lung soreness, diarrhoea, fever, nausea, flu like symptoms) .

Anyway, the weird thing about the whole experience is that I felt mentally pretty good from early march to around the 17th). I felt mentally sharper, but a little delirious/delusional (like I had the answers to everything and had incredible foresight). I suspect this was due to a thyroid issue that resulted in an overproduction of adrenaline, but who knows. My Dr. was the one who noticed an enlarged thyroid. I couldn’t sleep for 48 hours from the 13th to 14th.

Ultimately, I tested negative. However, I suspect they didn’t test me properly.

A week and a half post testing my dizziness symptoms are back in full force…

I wonder if the adrenaline rush helped with some of the symptoms and maybe caused a rebound effect?

Honestly with MAV, who can even tell? We have so many symptoms it’s hard to parse what came from what or when let alone why.

Yesterday I was certain I had the novel Coronavirus. I have a friend with it. I spent hours in close contact with her 5 days before she showed symptoms last week. The timing is right. But it’s also a massive pollen season. And all this stress is messing with my neck which always aggravates MAV. I can’t break isolation to see my physical therapist so it’s only getting worse. My thyroid, which is low functioning, provided its own contribution and an odd comfort - my temperature never went above 96.8 F (37C) yesterday. I was cool to the touch. So probably not COVID-19.

I can’t say why you were affected the way you were, just that as MAVericks, the weird is baked in.


I got paranoid yesterday because I had a teeny, tiny headache. We’re all just paranoid because it’s all we’re seeing on the news.

After college I had a roommate who was in medical school. She said their instructors warned them that as they studied all of the different diseases, they would all start thinking that they had a bunch of those diseases. I guess it’s human nature.


coronavirus is making people paranoid…sigh

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Truthfully, it’s the internet/ media that is making us all paranoid! After a while you just don’t know what to believe! So much fake news out there - some malicious and some posted in good faith - but still wrong!!! Stay safe, everyone!


I live in Washington state. I have two friends who had Covid-19 like symptoms but weren’t tested because they weren’t testing anyone without full blown pneumonia. Both have since recovered. I know another gentleman in his 80s with the virus. We’re praying for him. My friend the ER nurse said to avoid the ER. It’s so contagious he said if you didn’t walk in with Covid-19 you will walk out with it.


Covid-19 is making a lot of people anxious and paranoid. I had bell’s palsy in March and Neurologist said that it is caused by a virus. So I got paranoid that I may had covid-19. I was so stressed due to overthinking and reached to the point that I was not feeling well anymore like I was going to have a fever. My temp reached 37 and I was so scared. Fortunately, it didn’t go as high as 38.

I have been feeling a bit tired with throat irritation for a couple of days. No fever or other real symptoms but allowing myself to go down the covid rabbit hole all the same. Terrified of getting this as recently I have heard more and more about long term effects from this virus that people can’t shake. Also very afraid of giving it to my husband who is a smoker and also a saint for putting up with my MAV mood swings and paranoia. Very stressful times…

It might make you feel better to turn off the fearmongering on the tv. Actual statistics show there is very little threat for 99%+ of us. Complications are scary but also rare. These are also true for the flu. Some folks are bound to draw the short stick, but there are very few short sticks in the bundle. For most age groups under 75, your threat of dying in a car accident is orders of magnitude higher. And yet we all accept that risk. We can’t live in fear or we’re not living at all. If you get it, worry then, but only if it warrants the worry.


Every time I got sick with a cold or flu my MAV improved temporarily. I actually got lots of stuff around the house done thinking this is great.
Most people would be in bed but I loved the clarity and peace in my brain.
I totally forgot about that until I read your post. There must be something to it.

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That’s pretty unusual. Most MAVers react very badly to anything that even vaguely interferes with their vestibular function from hayfever through the common cold to motion sickness. And as for a trip to the dentist. That’s been known to reactivate symptoms absent for years. So it’s amazing some actually feel better. All so very individual.

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