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Weird COVID-19 experience

I may have contracted COVID-19 in early march. The reason why I suspect this is because I had some symptoms that were very similar (lung soreness, diarrhoea, fever, nausea, flu like symptoms) .

Anyway, the weird thing about the whole experience is that I felt mentally pretty good from early march to around the 17th). I felt mentally sharper, but a little delirious/delusional (like I had the answers to everything and had incredible foresight). I suspect this was due to a thyroid issue that resulted in an overproduction of adrenaline, but who knows. My Dr. was the one who noticed an enlarged thyroid. I couldn’t sleep for 48 hours from the 13th to 14th.

Ultimately, I tested negative. However, I suspect they didn’t test me properly.

A week and a half post testing my dizziness symptoms are back in full force…

I wonder if the adrenaline rush helped with some of the symptoms and maybe caused a rebound effect?

Honestly with MAV, who can even tell? We have so many symptoms it’s hard to parse what came from what or when let alone why.

Yesterday I was certain I had the novel Coronavirus. I have a friend with it. I spent hours in close contact with her 5 days before she showed symptoms last week. The timing is right. But it’s also a massive pollen season. And all this stress is messing with my neck which always aggravates MAV. I can’t break isolation to see my physical therapist so it’s only getting worse. My thyroid, which is low functioning, provided its own contribution and an odd comfort - my temperature never went above 96.8 F (37C) yesterday. I was cool to the touch. So probably not COVID-19.

I can’t say why you were affected the way you were, just that as MAVericks, the weird is baked in.

I got paranoid yesterday because I had a teeny, tiny headache. We’re all just paranoid because it’s all we’re seeing on the news.

After college I had a roommate who was in medical school. She said their instructors warned them that as they studied all of the different diseases, they would all start thinking that they had a bunch of those diseases. I guess it’s human nature.


coronavirus is making people paranoid…sigh