Weird Light Sensitivity?

I’m not sure if this is a form of photophobia? I’ve never considered myself overly sensitive to light but almost every morning when I step outside into the sunlight, I get a very brief pulsing ache inbetween my eyebrows and just behind my eyes. It only lasts seconds but it is always there when I first go into light!

Would that be considered light sensitivity?

Thank you

It doesn’t sound particularly fun.
I’m sure you’re not eager to establish the presence of the symptom by making yourself uncomfortable every morning.
Why not accommodate yourself to the light more gradually? Sunlight is a hell of a lot brighter than normal interior lighting.

I get this exact feeling when not wearing sunglasses, but I’m extremely light sensitive, especially top fluorescent lighting

Sunlight is a killer for me. I don’t exactly get a headache, but it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and spaced out. I would consider mine photophobia, although when I hear of other speak of that, they say theirs leads to aura or headaches. I see all kinds of messed up aura in daylight too. Floaters and phosphenes flying everywhere. I hate it.