Weird symptoms

What are some of your weirdest symptoms? The ones not commonly mentioned on websites or by doctors.

Mine are:

Internal vibrations
Solitary myoclonic jerks
An involuntary, single gasp/sniff/deep breath
Feeling like walking on the moon
The floor seems to be breathing
Surroundings look out of place, spatial awareness is distorted, things look farther away than they really are.
Dizziness that feels like being sucked down constantly - sometimes so severe it feels hard to breathe, like astronauts feel coming back to earth. My breathing never changes, it’s relaxed and normal, but gravity feels so strong it’s like being on a roller-coaster and you can’t inhale when you are falling, you inhale when you go up and usually hold your breath when going down. It’s absolutely horrid but I know it’s related to autonomic dysfunction.
Thoughts feel either fast or slow.
Random tickly itching and feeling hot
Teeth aching
Difficulty swallowing
Irritated throat like the beginning of a cough but never develops into a cough, can last for an hour then disappears (i understand its neurological nerve irritation)
Tongue feels burnt

Anyone get any of those?

Do you get any weird symptoms?


There’s already a support wiki entry for this at Symptoms common to MAV & VM - #9 by turnitaround - Support Wiki 🗂 - vestibular disorders support forum

Feel free to append if you don’t find something similar already listed.

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Thank you!

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Please feel free to update the wiki entry.