Weird vision and eyes

I don’t quite know how to explain this. But a lot of times I’m getting this real weird feeling with my eyes. It’s almost like they get disconnected and feel like there heavy and not part of me. My vision goes all weird and it always happens after makes me panic. I have had vmfir 6 years but this was never a symptom before. I’m head goes heavy and so does my body. It’s just there every day now I can’t escape it. I have recently come of clonezepam and this was the only thing that helped it.

Unfortunately all bets are off when you MAV, but you’d be pretty amazing if you were able to fully explain it, given medicine has not been able to.

However, it’s worth mentioning that eyes are an intimate part of the vestibular system and so are bound to be effected. Once you get neurological issues, almost any strange related sensation is possible I would have thought?


I have had the same sensations with my eyes when all this kicked in for me a few months ago. As you stated, it feels like they have to strain to function now, and using the computer really makes things worse for me, or in environments where there is a lot of stimulation going on. That then leads to this spaced out feeling where I just don’t feel as grounded now. I take adderall now (small dose) to give me some renewed focus for work, and also some klonopin at the end of the day when my eyes/head feel taxed. Like others here, my eye exam was normal. My oddity is that the R side of my neck is stiff/sore and has a nerve feeling that goes to the back of my R eye. Trying to figure out if that is somehow behind all this. More appointments coming up which may lead (hopefully) to some resolution. Sucks though.

It’s very frustrating it’s like my eyes don’t work they way there supposed too. I feel so shit today with my eyes

I’ve have a lot of weird eye/visual stuff too. Sometimes it feels like there is pressure in the eye or something, or they are just incredibly inflammed inside, or on fire. Other times I just feel like closing them, like its painfully uncomfortable to look at anything - I just hold my eyes and rub them and don’t look at anything for like 30 min. And at other times they are jumpy and are hard to focus on anything, or even to rest them when closing the eyes, which is awful when trying to go to sleep.

I have the same situation
Both eyes is not working as usually
I cant focus properly
I can see but the focuse with heavy head is unbearable
I am of day 7 on medication propanolol
I hope really it works
The dizzness is almost gone but the heavy head is still :sob:

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Shouldn’t rub eyes I’m afraid. Good idea to rest them. Better idea try a warm compress (you’ll end up playing “peek a boo’ with yr little lad I suspect around the cloth. He’ll love that). Warm, wet. Wet enough but not so wet it drips down the front of your neck whilst resting it over your eyes. Ten minutes. Several times a day if necessary. Procedure’s to combat dry eyes really but cheap and good reason to sit still and relax for ten minutes. Helen

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Helen did you ever experience visual issues? I have had vm 6 years but the last 2 years I have had visual issues but not before this

Hi Haya. Does your vision feel almost dream like and spacey?

Ive had Chronic Vestibular Migraine since 17th November 2014 and been through a load of meds. I find that Botox helped most with the neck pain and Venlafaxine helps most with eye, spaced out issuses especially outdoors. I still have trouble in the dark though.

Yes badly

That’s because you are overly Visually Dependent. Very common with all vestibular conditions. Brain relying on parts it can trust. Trouble is, on its own mostly vision is more likely to result in conflict. Helen

Yes that makes sense Helen

I have the exact same feeling and a weird pressure in my ears and head mainly at the back! It feels as if my brain is in a helmet and my vision is dreamy and odd! I feel disconnected from reality. I have spoken to several ppl with these symptoms. lorrisa explained it like your head is wrapped in felt and I can relate to that! Venafalaxine is meant to be good for these symptoms from what I have come across! What meds are you on?

I do feel i am in abubble all the time

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Do you feel worse outside?

Today strangly i felt better even though i travelled and stayed in airport and a mall
The bubble feeling is there always but felt much better

Oh that’s good! Do you ever feel like your head has been stuffed with wool?

Yes Veena. I think I’ve had all the visual issues associated with MAV, except Visual Snow. Every other one. I had the most extreme constant photophobia possible except in people with lupus for between 18 months and two years. I got to the point of looking at ordering wraparound goggles to exclude the light. Couldn’t open curtains on a rainy day even. Alot of Visual Vertigo. Couldnt watch any screen, TV or computer for many months. Not at all. A river flowing on TV programme would make me nauseous and giddy or a TV reporter outside in the dark with car headlights driving passed him. I could write a (very boring) book on it! Funny feelings like your two eyes are working independently. The VIsual Vertigo was an early symptom to develop. The extreme constant photophobia was one of the later symptoms to develop. Like your visual issues it came on as time passed and the untreated MAV became worse overall.

Since the medication (Propranolol for me) I’ve gradually lost more than 90% of my symptoms. I can use an Ipad all day if I want to, very occasionally a very mobile site will ‘get’ to me. A PC I’m still not particularly comfortable with. Anything on TV’s OK. Very much improved all MAV symptoms since meds really kicked in, so there is hope. Helen

I have vicious eye problems. I usually wake up with moderate to excruciating pain in eyes daily. Clonazepam helps with eye problems.
I believe my dizziness arises from my eyes.