Having looked through the past posts, I did not have much luck in finding people who tried Wellbutrin with much luck. I have tried all the other catagories and think this may be my next stop.

Anybody tried it with any luck

Thank you in advance.

Hi Sally,

I was actually taking Wellbutrin when my MAV symptoms started. I had been taking it for a few years. I stopped, restarted, and stopped it again during the first 18 months after the MAV onset. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to have any effect on my MAV symptoms at all. I do happen to think it is a great antidepressant though.

Good luck!


Thank you, Marci,
I have decided to try it as I feel the depression has taken hold and anything that hits my Seritonin first makes me feel awful. I found enough cases where people said they started on Wellbutrin and found their migraines greatly diminished. Hain says he hasn’t had much luck with it but from what I read here, he hasn’t had that much luck with anything. My migraines are not painless and my rocking is wild.