What are good starting meds?

I’m going to be seeing my GP soon in regards to these dizzy symptoms I’ve been having for the past 2 weeks. I have no idea if I have MAV but at this point it seems as likely, if not more, than any of the other vestibular conditions.

I’m going to be asking my GP for migraine preventatives, but I’m not sure what to start on (if he even agrees to it). I was thinking Celexa and Nortryptiline but I’m not sure if you can combine those. Or maybe Verapamil and Nor? Are results better when multiple drugs are used?


For me, I love amitriptyline. I think it does a lot of good. You start super low dose and move up slowly as needed; you can even add another 10 mg on bad days. A few people in my family have also felt better on it. I’m on three drugs, but it’s tricky to keep everything optimized. Just make one change at a time so you can tell what helps, what doesn’t. Good luck.

Personally I would wait for a definitive diagnosis of MAV before starting on medication, as there is no point in taking anything unless that’s your diagnosis, as it won’t help other conditions, and you risk having side effects as well.

I wasn’t sure if you have just been dizzy for two weeks, or if you have had previous spells of dizziness? Sorry if I have missed any previous details from you, but I just got back from my holidays and am a bit behind with the forum!

A good starting med would be one that can help any comorbid symptoms. For instance, if ur having insnia, anxiety and depression… A tricyclic like ami or nortriptyline. Or even celexa. If you have high blood pressure, a beta blocker like propranolol would be a good start.
I agree that I wouldn’t go down med row unless you feel this is ur condition. There are always down sides to meds, so make sure the upside us worth it.
For me it’s totally worth it.

beechleaf & Kelley- I’ve had a somewhat similar episode about a year ago where I was dizzy and feeling awful for a few months. Eventually it all cleared up but I never got a diagnosis. To see a Dizzy specialist in Canada would take a few months unfortunately. I can put with a few side effects if it might help with this awful dizziness. Here’s my whole story, maybe you can take a guess at whether it’s MAV or not? (http://mvertigo.cloudapp.net/t/mav-or-something-else/3205)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Do you have any family history of migraine? Motion intolerance as a kid ? IBS? Are you male or female? Sometimes things get worse for ladies around perimenopause, which happened to me.
I think you might have gotten a trigger…it could have been viral in nature that perhaps has set off this stuff…Mine came after a bout with Bell’s Palsy, which is supposedly from a viral infection. Whatever the case,
your brain is oversensitised and you need to calm it down. Have you tried any benzos? Like Valium or Klonopin? I would stay away from any artificial sweeteners and caffeine…try some meditation and excersize…eat really clean and healthy and try to get your sleep pattern really consistent. Other than that, you might want to try an antidepressant, since it’s good to help anxiety. My friend was going through a whole mess of crazy symptoms (chest pain, jaw pain, ibs, stomach aches, panic attacks) and after a month on Paxil she was cured…a year later she got off and has been great ever since. Her symptoms were so bad she went to the ER several times. That had never happened in her life before…it’s amazing what happens in the body when stress occurs…

Kelley - I asked my mom and she mentioned that her mother used to get migraines. I’m male, 22 years old. I remember in Junior High I used to get terrible stomach cramps at the same time every day followed by me having to use the bathroom. They occurred like clockwork, and Doctors thought it was just me being anxious. I always felt nauseous in the mornings too and couldn’t eat before I went on the bus. These things went away eventually. I have tried Klonopin and Ativan on several occasions the past 2 weeks. They help with anxiety and with the dizziness somewhat, but they aren’t fixing anything.


usually they will start with propranolol low dose if its migraine related but theres no point try to guess it just does your head in. Go to a vertigo specialist and get checked out it could be anything. There isnt really a one hit wonder drug. It could be a short lived thing or carry on for years so enquire with a educated dr as soon as you can to try and get on top of it.

I also have seen a couple of younger guys on this site that got great results from Zoloft. That might be something to consider? Sounds like it could be an underlying anxiety issue.

It could be anxiety, but can it cause such severe dizzy symptoms? I feel like I’m on a boat and the floor wobbles when I walk. I went to see my GP today and managed to get Effexor. Also made an appointment with a Balance and Dizziness clinic in 2 weeks so hopefully they can help me out further :slight_smile:

yes, it can be anxiety. I think anxiety is underrated in the sense that it gets written off by doctors as “oh, it’s only anxiety”. I think anxiety wreaks havoc on our bodies and brains from all the stress homones and overstimulation of the brain.
I think as doctors figure stuff out more and more as time goes by, this will one day make sense. I hope so anyway…

Just a quick update. I’ve had a few good days and today is alright. Overall I’m definetly doing better than before. Symptoms aren’t as bad as they were a week ago, especially the wobbly floors when walking. Still feel little dizzy, tired, and out of it though…but improving (slowly) nonetheless. Could this be a decompensation episode?

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It could be anxiety, but can it cause such severe dizzy symptoms? I feel like I’m on a boat and the floor wobbles when I walk. I went to see my GP today and managed to get Effexor. Also made an appointment with a Balance and Dizziness clinic in 2 weeks so hopefully they can help me out further :slight_smile:

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There was an article on chronic subjective dizziness that links the dizziness with anxiety as they share the same neural pathways - at least that’s what I got out of what I was reading :? Scott posted a link to the pdf here: http://mvertigo.cloudapp.net/t/mayo-clinic-diagnosis-chronic-subjective-dizziness/3214
I know that I was experiencing minor panic attacks prior to my latest episode of vertigo. I’m not an anxious person so I was confused by my symptoms. Now I have 24/7 dizziness and the “panic symptoms” (heart palpitations, tightening in the chest/airway) have diminished at a time when I actually have a valid reason to experience anxiety. I was prescribed Atavin 1 mg. and Nortriptyline (which is not helping me sleep).


Thanks for the link Cat! I’ve always been somewhat anxious for the better part of my life but I’ve never experienced any physical anxiety symptoms until this recent episode and the last one. I can understand these symptoms occurring during a panic attack, but then having subsequent 24/7 dizziness for many weeks afterwards is just absurd. I’m not anxious at the moment, and the heart palpitations went away awhile. I’m feeling calm yet still dizzy. This is just weird :S