What are your "safe" or "healing" activities?

I’m still suffering quite a bit and getting worse rather than better on my elimination diet. The things that make me feel better are:

  1. Walking in nature (though sometimes visual disturbances from sunlight thru the trees set me off a little.)
  2. Doing errands, driving short distances, going to the supermarket or to a thrift shop with my daughter - short, low-stress activities that are varied help me feel better. I actually took a job as a “household manager” when I was first disabled by this disease. Then I added a “compost salesperson,” going door to door. Before that I was an executive and public speaker - had to give that up.
  3. Housework - staying off all screens and moving around a lot.
  4. Cooking! (Updated.)

I used to think reading was safe but I’m not finding that anymore.

I gasped when I read going to the supermarket! :joy: it sounds like your safe activities can be well combined with getting useful things done, so that’s handy.

I was actually trying to compile a list of safe activities the other day:

  • Being in nature, either having a proper walk or just a gentle short stroll depending on how I’m feeling.
  • Doing Pilates (yoga is not completely safe because of the sun salutations/ forward folds).
  • Watching slow films/ documentaries. I can do that almost in any state I’m in.
  • I love cooking and can generally do that even if it takes a while to get going.
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I forgot cooking! That’s right up there too. Will have to edit.

I recently got my nerve up and went to the pool (only open seasonally where I live) and gentle swimming and moving in the water was heavenly!

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Light yard work. In particular, weeding flower beds and planting new flowers. It’s therapeutic, plus I’m on my hands and knees, so if I do fall, I don’t have far to go and the ground is soft.


Yep, gardening!!

Oh my goodness- housework, gardening, even going for a walk seem to set me off nowadays.
Crocheting is the thing that calms my soul.
And snuggling on the sofa with my dogs (sorry husband and children :joy:)

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Definitely gardening for me. Planting, harvesting, weeding, even lawn mowing. Going to my strength gym also makes me feel better.

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