What are your thoughts on Chiropractic Care

I know a lot of us have tried all avenues for relief. Now I’m not talking neck snapping adjustments here :stuck_out_tongue: , there are much gentler ways of manipulation these days. Has anyone had success or failure with this? I will say I have a good friend who is a chirpractor and has worked on me for many years; over the last 6 yrs (my dizzy time) I have not noticed any improvement but yet it hasn’t made it any worse either in my opinion. The one thing I think with chiropractic care is you have to go regularly for it to make a real difference in a chronic illness and that is something I have not done. It has been a few visits here or there for a stiff neck or shoulder pain. Any thoughts?

Thanks Cecilia

Hi Dreamer,

It won’t cure anything and neck adjustments can be lethal if things go wrong (it’s rare of course) but some find it helps. This thread discusses it all in detail:


Also, listen to this interview from a “reformer” chiropractor. Very enlightening:


Best … Scott

Most of my headache symptoms stem from my neck and can be helped with a trip to my chiropractor. It makes no impact on my dizziness. That is there regardless. I wouldn’t give it up for the world!