What do you all think of this forum software?

Hi All,

Just wanting some feedback on how you find the user experience here on this forum --with this forum software – known as Discourse. I haven’t been around on here a lot for the past 2 years so not sure how it’s been for you all.

Be great to hear your thoughts.

Cheers - Scott


Scott in short it’s SUPERB!

I’m a develper and actually your site inspired me to implement a Discourse site for my local community. We were using a Yahoo group previously. Pleased as punch. I’ve hosted it on Scaleway. They are GREAT value.

Stack Exchange makes a serious alternative but I think that is more of a Q&A model which might not work so well? You might get bitter arguments about who is right or wrong about something, so ‘Accepted Answer’ might be contentious. And in any case they charge!

I’m looking forward to the possible Themes update for Discourse mooted for this year.

Thanks again for creating this amazing resource!! Like I said it’s definitely reduced so much suffering and probably even saved the odd life!

PS What happened to the logo?


Software and such means little to me - but from an I.T. challenged old woman - I have managed to find my way around here quite well - albeit a bit slowly!:slight_smile:
Whilst you’re here, Scott, just to say thank you for starting this forum! I only found it this year, and have gained a huge amount of knowledge and support from the people and information here. I have come a long way to learning how to help myself. Much appreciated!


It’s just like Lego Beth! :wink:


Like mazzy I haven’t got a clue about the technical stuff (like Lego, ha ha!) but the forum is VERY VERY helpful indeed, thank you Mr Genius Person for starting it.:innocent:

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Thanks for the feedback gang. Very useful.

I’ll look into what happened with the logo. Adam looks after the server side of things.


Not sure if you mean that I.T. is like Lego, James, or this 'MAV…either way, I’d say they’re more like ‘pick-up-sticks’ - (maybe y’all too young to know what that is???:wink:)…but if you pull the wrong stick out - the whole bang-shoot collapses!!! :confounded:

I love it too…its such an easy way to talk with eachother. It works perfect on my mobile phone. Way better compare to other forums.

Keep up the good work!! It is so so helpfully for me.

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Yes the mobile compatibility is really nice. Who needs apps?!

Hi Scott,

The site is simple and easy to use , a vital link for migraineur issues and meds but if i’m honest not as good as the old site. I do occasionally visit the facebook site but feel it just developed into a mumsnet site which seems to have overwhelmingly excluded and isolated the male migraineurs which is ahuge shame , where do the poor buggers go i wonder ?
Much appreciated.

Do you think perhaps there are many who simply conclude that they just want to get on with life however hard and just accept the condition? As someone put it well before ‘they’ve said and heard all they feel there is to be said’ Then again perhaps they’ve conquered it somehow, worked out their perfect mitigation regime, or gone into remission?

Everton, what was the old site? Do you know what forum software it was running on? Discourse is pretty amazing, what was better?


Thanks so much! I plan to try to email those doctors from your q&a page but if you have a better means of contacting them please let me know thanks! N, animalsarefunny88@gmail.com

Still no logo :wink: