WHAT do you do for nausea and flare ups?!

I have horrible nausea and I think in the past when I’ve tried motion sickness things on me it didn’t work and I feel like it Itll just make me feel more sick and ginger candies kind of help and not really and mineral water not really and I can’t have lemons because of the migraine diet and ginger ale doesn’t really help. just having a really bad flareup Which includes horrible nausea so any recommendations would be amazing thanks

Amitriptyline (20mg nocte) was enough to block the nausea for me

What meds you can take will obviously depend on what drugs you are already taking, are you on preventatives? Alternatives, like ginger can be good for mild nausea but I wouldn’t imagine strong enough if the nausea is anything like what I’ve experienced with acute attacks. Like you I found same with travel sickness pills. The nausea as part of the migraine is a major symptom. I’ve had it so badly my GP wanted to call an ambulance - off to hospital. I’ve taken prochlorperazine aka Buccastem buccal tablets, clever little tablets you place high on a gum and leave to dissolve so you can take them even if you cannot keep anything down (sorry, if that was too much information). only on prescription here in UK and sure you must have access to similar via GP. I have had injections of same too. Worked very promptly which was a relief. They were excellent to stop nausea/vomiting but should only be taken short term (a few days)

Sorry you are poorly. Know how wearing it is. Obviously no idea of yr story but my attacks were so acute and prolonged I started preventatives and, so far at least, my attacks are less acute now. Hope things soon improve for you.

Does prochlorperazine help it all with dizziness/head pressure or any other VM symptoms? Thanks!


Guess, by yr question, you’re still unwell and nauseous. So sorry to hear that.

No, prochlorperazine didn’t help me with anything other than stopping me feel nauseous and stopping the actual vomiting. It worked 100% for me for that. I know at one time it did state on the accompanying literature that it was to prevent dizziness. One GP once was surprised when I said it didn’t stop the dizziness. An elderly friend of mine is prescribed it for dizziness and she says it works for her. She has COPD and takes 5 or 6 different drugs daily but doesn’t have dizziness caused by MAV. Ut, no, not for me. It will also stop travel sickness I found.

Phenergren is the only thing that helps me and if I am violently ill I take a double dose. It essentially knocks me out which is great but also not throwing up.

Zofran does nothing for me nor does anti-vert/Dramamine.

My doc keeps me refilled and I take it everywhere I go.

Promethazine or Meclizine (Dramamine).