What do you drink when out?

What do you drink when in the pub, cafe etc…?

The only drink I can think of is apple tizer / apple juice / water :frowning:

Sorry Richy that’s about it - aren’t we good fun! :smiley: xx

fizzy grape juice, Ribena, fizzy water with pomegranate seeds

oh and milkshakes! or soya milk drinks!

Water :frowning:

Thats about it, apple juice and water or a cup of tea (last of the ravers :lol: )


Cranberry juice
Some of the J2O’s are fine
Apple juice
Sparkling appple drink (appletizer)
Water normal or sparkling
Blackcurrent cordial

Vodka is supposed to be best tolerated

I used to always drink sparling water and now Topamax has made that taste terrible!!!

So now, it’s plain old Water!!!

So exciting :wink:

water or herbal teas mostly…

Some fruit juices are ok, appletise or peartise, herbal teas, milk, some milkshakes, water still or sparkling.
I guess you could make juices sparkling by adding the sparkling water and there are some sparkling drinks that are ok at some stores like i found a sparkling elderflower one that was ok once. Theres not much though. :confused:

Apple juice or grapetiser x