What do you guys snack on?

i have a bad habit of eating tortilla chips a lot and i know that’s not the greatest. I do eat an apple in the afternoon but i need some ideas of things to eat for snacks that are on the approved list. it’s so hard to know what to eat any more. if i don’t eat i get real weak and shaky.


if you want to move this to the eating section that’s cool too.

Hi Chris
I used to eat tortilla chips (low/no-salt) a lot before my MAV awareness. But once I cut them out I noticed a huge decrease in achiness and some of the dizziness I was experiencing. I don’t do well with corn in general but can tolerate around 2 cups of popcorn - weird. I seem to have problems with grains in general except in very small quantities. It’s hard to find snack items…I’ve tried low salt pumpkin seeds but sometimes seeds make me dizzy as well. I stay away from all the fun stuff: nuts, pretzels, etc. since I can never tell how much will put me over the food trigger edge. It’s hard, isn’t it??
P.S. did you try the progesterone yet?? any progress with the estrogen?

it is hard cuz i gave up wheat - i do still eat corn and rice. almost all my snacks and tortillas and pasta etc are made with brown rice - i think they are okay - it’s the snack stuff i’m struggling with

still waiting on the progesterone - go to dr. on Tuesday so i’ll prob get prescription then. i think the estrogen has helped a little bit. i use a tiny bit of progest. i bought at whole foods too - i know it’s not the greatest but just thought i’d try - everyone says (even therapist) when i get on the progesterone i’ll be calmer :slight_smile:

I’m getting sicker thouh because it’s getting warm - now we have pollution so that gives me headaches/dizziness. always something eh :slight_smile:


thanks for asking

I need to try oranges again - i ate them last winter and they didn’t bother me. i miss them. I miss a lot of things i have given up but maybe time to try them again :slight_smile:


anyone here eat spelt that is allergic to wheat? not sure i am allergic to wheat but gave it up a long time ago for the most part


Believe it or not, Chris, I cannot eat rice products… big bummer. I’ve cut way back on wheat products and don’t even touch spelt either. I just think grains are a problem for me but I have no idea why. Ugh. I think you will like prescription progesterone…it’s very calming and soothing.

wow i’m in trouble if rice is an issue cuz i put rice milk on cereal and cook with it and eat rice and rice pasta and snacks. only food i know that i am allergic to slightly is peanuts - that showed up in allergy testing. i don’t even know of wheat is an issue i just cut it out a while ago. i try not to eat much bread unless it’s rice tortillas or something.

i haven’t seen a pattern with food sensitivites YET

hope the prog helps :slight_smile: i think the estrogen has helped a bit.


Oatcakes and sesame seed spread, oatcakes and slithers of mild cheddar cheese, scones, one slice of wholemeal toast with apricot jam. I eat all these between meals and have no problem with them. I did the elimination diet years ago and couldnt tell that much from it, I was getting headaches from the blood sugar drops. Certain foods I wont touch but what I do, mostly nowadays, is eat small amounts of each, that way if I do get a reaction it usually isnt that bad and doesnt last that long.




I dunno, Chris but I think what I’d do is try cutting back or out the rice for awhile to see if it makes a difference in the dizziness or allergy symptoms. Sometimes it’s the darndest things that we ingest. And, it’s usually a bummer when we discover it. If not, you’re home free. I’ve had some luck taking zyrtec along with a few offending foods to lessen the blow if I get stuck in a situation with “bad” foods. OK, back to snacks - guess I only snack on very little unless it’s veggies, some seeds, a scant few low salt potato chips, the rare 2 cups popcorn. Boring.

hard to believe i’m allegic to rice but you never know. i still have a cheese weakness so i had some mozzerela last night could be why i feel worse today maybe not who knows. i had months that were good last winter and i ate all kinds of things - before i ever went on migraine diet so it makes me wonder. ill figure it out. corn could be a problem. not sure. i eat a lot of tacos/tostada shells and chips

need to figure out veges i like to snack on i eat veges with meals.

I dont’ get that, either… I’ve had days where I wasn’t watching the foods that closely and did fine. Other weeks I watched the diet like a hawk and still felt like crap. Guess that’s the condition for ya. You’re brave to try cheese… I’d be in bed after that one, Chris. Hope you find a link but hope it’s not the rice. I really miss my rice products. : (

Me, I’m jealous of the sesame spread. I lo-ove sesame candy, cookies with sesame, tahini, etc., but have avoided them since DX.

I baked myself a honeycake recently, with a small amount of fennel added in, and just not clear whether it 's contributed to some off days. (I have plenty of other explanations for them, though.)

it’s tough having to go without stuff - i know we all suffer from that. cheese is my biggest weakness - i have cut way down since i have bad allergies and it makes mucous worse i think.

shoot cleaning the house makes me sick - i have to wear a mask to dust/vacuum and even that doesn’t work that well.

i thought sesame seeds were safe - interesting. we are all alike but different at the same time.

my neuro said food sensitivities are rarely the culprit - interesting huh? of course i’m not a huge fan of him or any neurologist i’ve ever gone to


David I can really relate about the sesame. I am at a loss without my tahini. Four months without it and I feel like I could go mad

Hey Chris - have you actually seen an allergist?? That would be the best starting point it seems. They wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss dust, airborne allergens or food sensitivities either. My neuro gets the whole food enzyme trigger thing but has had good luck managing those with meds - however, a neuro would only be treating for migraines not airborne or contact allergies. That would be two different sides of the medical block there.

yes unfortunately i’ve already been to many allergists through my lifetime - just a couple years ago they took me off the shots cuz i had been on for many years. not sure they helped much . need to figure that out - i have had all the tests and know that i am allergic to lots - mostly pollen and dust, mold and pet dander. only food allergy that showed on a skin test was peanuts - very slight and of course i dont eat nuts any more since im on the migraine diet.

it’s tough that’s for sure - neurologist wasn’t sure what i had since no test for MAV but quite possible but i don’t want to take antidepressants - tried one and freaked out :frowning:

ill figure out the food stuff eventually :0 ill keep experimenting

thanks for your input