What do you think?

Hi Everyone, I’m pretty new here and was wanting to know what do you think?

I’ve been extremely dizzy and rocky the last 7 weeks, 24/7 since having my baby. My nuerologist has put me on Inderol 20 mg that I’ve been taking the last 2 weeks. I called him last night and told him how dizzy I’ve still been feeling and he told me to take meclizine (after I told him meclizine doesn’t work anymore, already immune to it) and was going to prescribe me a scala patch??? (after I told him that didn’t work for me wither) Are you kidding me? Am I needing to get a new nuerologist?

I understand that the Inderol is a preventative, but what do you suggest as something that can help stop this rocking/dizziness that I have now? I understand we aren’t DR’s but would love to hear what helped you get off this rocking boat- if it was meclizine or the patch- lucky you!!

I see him again Tuesday and was thinking about getting on Verpamil? Does a antidepressant work well with that too?


Hey Salem,

It can take a chunk of time before you see any results from these meds. If 20 mg isn’t doing anything at all and there are no side effects concerning you, you could easily bump it up to 40 mg. I know people on this med who are on 120 mg daily for control. Make sure you have made the necessary lifestyle modifications as outlined in the Survival Guide as you could have your foot on the MAV accelerator and not realise it.

S :slight_smile:

Hey there,
I haven’t talked to anyone who got total relief from just Inderal…and at the higher doses, it can cause depression. I have seen it more as an adjunct to either antidepressants, or anticonvulsants. I would certainly take the dose up to see how it goes before scrapping it or adding on to it. It’s a very big crapshoot what is going to work for whom…at least there’s not bad side effects to speak of…

Hey Kelley – Hannah uses just Inderal and has had reasonably good results though she’s had to increase the dose over the years, now on 120 mg.

Good to know!!


Thanks Guys!
I’ll keep you posted with my appointment on Tuesday and I think up the dose a little because haven’t experienced any bad side effects…just wondering what the right thing is to get the rockiness to go away! Scott, yes, thank you so much for the survival guide! I am definitely following it and have started the diet, although chocolate is extremely hard to give up! But I choose to get rid of the dizziness easily!