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I haven’t been on in a while and I need some advice!
I recently went to have a ENG and blood tests with my doctor regarding all of this dizziness. My ENG came out normal. Good news? I am not sure. I wish there was something tangible they could give me. I even called back to see if there was something else we could do and the doctor just said to give it time.
My blood results were another story. I already have thyroid issues and my thyroid results came back very low again(TSH 21). So they took my dose of synthroid up to 150. Well, two weeks later at the endocrinologist my blood was drawn and it had gone down to 0.5! At the same time they found a nodule that I had to have biopsied this past Tuesday. I am so nervous about those results.
So my question is have I done enough? I am still dizzy. Sometime parts of my face go numb. It completely freaks me out but the doctors don’t want to do another MRI. Why? I had an MRI in 2004 which seems kind of old to me. Given that I have had a ENG, CT, eye exam, bloodwork, EKG…do I need anything else? WHen do I stop and accept that I have MAV?

Who is treating you GP or endocrinologist.? If your seeing a specialist and your thyroid is off even more, and they are not helping. then I would go see someone else.
Thyroid should be relatively simple thing to treat, compared to things like Mav. Your thryoid could be the cause of ALL your dizziness.

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I just started seeing an endocrinologist who seems on top of it. She did say my thyroid can cause all my migraines and dizziness. I know my hormones are completely out of whack. I had a baby seven months ago. Havent been the same since!

I agree - your thyroid could be your problem but also be sure to have your adrenals checked as well. Adrenal insufficiency (low cortisol) has also been shown to cause these symptoms and sometimes has to be treated before they thyroid is treated. This is especially true if the thyroid meds are not helping you.

I am currently looking into adrenal problems as a possible source of my MAV symptoms. I know my thyroid is a little low as well.



It’s not uncommon for some women to report this all starting after having a baby when hormones go awry. That you passed all of the ENG testing is not at all unusual either (I did). The face numbness is also very migraine – a girl I know in Sydney goes completely blind in one eye for about 2 hours when attacks happen. I get numbness around my mouth and yeah, it’s freaky.

Definitely get that thyroid stuff sorted out as that could be another trigger (note not a cause) going on.

I would treat the MAV, and be persistent till you control the symptoms. Then you will have done two things: 1) Proven that you have MAV. 2) Increased your quality of life.