What exercises get your heart rate up and blood flowing but don't elevate your symptoms too much?

I find the exercise bike and recumbent exercise bike work for me, but don’t always get the heart rate to where I want. Maybe I need to increase the resistance a bit.

I am looking into trying the stairmaster as I don’t mind stairs too much. Treadmill is off limits and I don’t care for the elliptical as it provokes my symptoms too.

Any other ideas? Also any good weight training ideas?

I do exercise bike, rowing machine and just plain old walking around the block

Gosh, that’s good to hear … might try that … used to love rowing and how it so efficiently builds fitness and ditches weight!

Running machine isn’t too bad for keeping head still-ish? The best ones are those that are self propelled which allows you to raise and lower speed at will.

I was always less dizzy running than walking … obviously YMMV

I know this is going to sound nutty, but skiing does it for me. I was so afraid to try it because of the off balance woozy feelings, but as soon as I did, it all went away. (temporarily, sadly) And being outside in the cold, fresh air helps a lot too. It honestly has made my dizziness symptoms less severe and has given me courage to do other things too.


@Jerez Time for me to hop onto my snowboard then :slight_smile:

Sadly i am an aspiring motorcyclist as well. I have not had the courage to touch my bike ever since this fiasco.


Alike you I’ve been seeing motorcycles whip past me on the highway these past couple warm days here in New England and it makes me feel that urge to purchase one again (sold mine in 2011), but the VM situation kind of puts me on edge due to the tipping side to side to turn (and the twisties) and how my head will react to that.

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Swimming works for me, as long as I don’t have to share a lane. :swimming_man:

swimming not too hard, for not too long :slight_smile:
gym weights without raising heart rate too high :slight_smile:
walking up to about 30-40 minutes fast :slight_smile:
static bike 5-10 mins not too hard :slight_smile:
general stretches and yoga-type stuff :slight_smile:
general physical stuff like moving boxes, furniture, digging holes etc :slight_smile: as long as i don’t go too hard
treadmill running for a few minutes not too hard :slight_smile:
normal relaxed walking eg with kids i can do indefinitely :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
sledging in the snow was fine for me :slight_smile:

mountain biking hard :frowning: feels ok when riding but get sense of motion when i stop
static bike long and hard :frowning: get snese of motion when i stop
walking hard and fast and long up and down hills ie more than an hour at high intensity :frowning: :frowning: start to get some vertigo when i do this

re motorbikes: i sold my motorbike when i got ill with this :frowning: :cry::sob:. driving a car is fine for me now for moderate distyances (say up to an hour and a half/two hours), but you’re a lot safer in a car if you get wobbles (which i still do when going over humpbacks etc, floaty feeling); wouldn’t like to feel like that on a bike. i hope to get back on a motorbike one day when this horribleness has passed. or maybe even go flying :small_airplane: