What happens in the body with MAV

Has anyone found out what happens in the body with people with mav? I am looking to see what the difference is between this and ordinary migraine. I have read something here about genes and calcium channels etc. Has anyone found any good explanation or a link to some good information. Thanks.

When it comes to treatment of MAV, it is no different than treating any other type of migraine. When it comes to meds, it depends on the underlaying cause as to wich medicine is going to work for who. The problem is that the medical world is just begining to understand migraines and the underlaying causes are still basically a mystery. That is why if you read through the postings on this forum you will find that we don’t all take the same medication, and sometimes we have to go through a “guinea pig” stage where we work with our doctors trying different medications until we find one that works for us.

There is a posting a few threads down listing all of the different migraine preventative meds and the list is amazingly long. Don’t panic though, there are basically for families of meds that work for this purpose and usually the first try in a med family will tell if that family of medications is right for you.

MAV was first recognized in 1992. If you want to get a better understanding about how migraine effects different parts of the nervous system, in layman’s terms, get a copy of Heal Your Headache by David Buchholz, M.D.

It is my understanding that it’s simply that - our migraines have effected our vestibular system instead of, say, our ocular system. And in anticipation of the next question, “why do the symptoms of MAVers never go away” : I know of a person who has a 24/7 ocular migraine.


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also here is a great site, called mymigrain connection.
run by Terri Roberts everthing you ever need to know about migraine.

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