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What has helped your brain fog?

Recently have had a extreme up tick in my brain fog, cognitive abilities and memory along with the usual dizziness 24/7. i am still deciding on whether or not some of the supplements I am starting are helping. Has anyone found certain meds that have helped? I am currently on Nori and have tried effex, topamax, lamictal. Kind of scary when you lose memory overnight.

I was suffering brain fog for months what helped me was cleaning up my diet + taking the following supps vitamin c & e & Jarrow formula B-Right &
drinking plenty of water just to add i am also on Nori, make sure you are doing some moderate exersicse also

Do you suffer gut issues? Brain fog can stem from that so you should possibly add a good probiotic

Have you tried modifying your diet? there must be something you are eating that is making you gassy

I am currently on the candida diet, only lean meat, green veggies, nuts and berries. No dairy, carbs or sugars. It is not helping. I also take supplements, vit. c, vit. b, CQ10, ginseng, gingko, tumeric, and L-theanine. Nothing seems to be helping. I dont have issues with gas or disgestion. Just scary how it happened ovenight and continues. I was just starting a trial on effex when it happened so I quit taking it. I was on the lowest possible dose. But that was 2 months ago and it has continued since, so I am feeling that the effex was not the culprit. After 2 years of dizzines I have not identified any triggers to this point

Maybe you should try cut and out the supps for a while and see if you get any clarity, you could then add them back in one at a time

A year or so ago before my problems started i was doing alot of exercise and using lots of different supplements, they were not agreeing with me, getting braing fog etc but i never listened to my body and i believe that lead to my big bang event last November

Since i ditched most of that junk and cleaned up the diet i have noticed improvement in my clarity of thinking

An article in a similar vein. Couldn’t resist posting this. It was the washing machine that clinched it for me. Never washed a mobile phone but there’s time yet. However I remember the day I loaded the washing machine and glibly filled the detergent drawer with vegetable oil instead of liquid detergent. Yes, vegetable oil. I blame the manufacturers as much as the Brain Fog. I only have limited shelf space for such tall containers so the liquids detergent and the vegetable oil bottle always sit side by side on the same shelf. It was bound to happen. No harm done. I removed the dirty washing, ran a cleaning programme with the empty washer then started again from scratch.