What is Klonopin?

I keep hearing this med over and over.

Is this the same as the Xanax (Alprazolam) that I am taking?

Same as Valium?

Is it just an anti-depressant that sedates the brain to give you short term relief?

The Xanax that I take does seem to help SOMETIMES…but certainly not all of the time.

Dr. Baloh wants me to wean off of this, though, as he said that your brain needs to start receiving the “true signals” to be able to fully compensate.

Who the hell knows?


It is a benzo, like valium or xanax, but it is considered to be more effective as an anti-convulsent instead.

What is an anti-convulsent though?

And how does it differ from Valium? I know it’s a long acting Benzo that a lot of folk on here take and I want to ask my quack for it but just wanted to also know how it differs from the big V?

Klonopin is a benzo, which you could say is a mild anticonvulsant…I think they are all. They all calm the brain by depressing the central nervous system, and also hit up GABA, the “brakes” in our nervous systems. Valium and Klonopin are the longest acting benzos, so most doctors prefer to use these for people who need to be on them for any length of time. XZanax and Ativan are great before a flight, or if you are going through a short term crisis, but our problems aren’t really like that. I didn’t take any benzo for a year or so…if my brain was going to “adjust”, I think it would have. I think it’s great to say don’t take it and your brain will adjust, but how long are we supposed to wait?? The other drugs didn’t help…I tried Propranolol and effexor and Cymbalta…all lsupposed to be good for anxiety…but they didn’t work for me, or enough to make a quality life…
I take a very small amount and try to skip days if I can, but my psychiatrist says to be generous with it, because he truly believes I need it for my brain chemistry…