What meds have u tried?

i am wondering what u all have tried up until now. topamax is my very first drug and i know it might not work so im just curious about how others did on meds. i see some of u doing really well or pretty well now, or at least better than before, so i see there is hope. i am curious what meds u tried, what worked, what didnt work, if u got worse at first, what side effects u had and if they went away, really whatever happened. sorry if someone else asked the same question. i didnt c anything. i caught a couple posts on klonopin and valium. :slight_smile:


I think you’ll probably get a lot of responses to this question :slight_smile:

I started out on Zoloft - had to cut the smallest dose pill into 8ths in order to tolerate the SEs. At that time I was bedridden. It gave me more energy and helped somewhat with the dizzies, but i couldn’t tolerate any increase in dosage, so…

I next started Neurontin. That was a piece of cake. Almost from day one i felt a relaxation in my nervous system. Not an emotional one like Valium, but in my body. Even the clenching that the Zoloft had given me went away. I was able to sleep. For whatever reason this also resulted in more energy and less dizzy. Again, due to SEs, i couldn’t keep going up, so…

My doc added Klonopin which has by far out-performed the other two, especially in terms of dizziness. Zoloft and Neurontin got me out of bed, but Klonopin got me out of the house. I actually take walks which is something I hadn’t done in close to two years. I consider myself at least 50% improved, probably closer to 75%, but I’m still too motion intolerant to go out.

The next thing i did was have my TSH checked and it was borderline high. Started Synthroid. Within a week i felt better energy, somewhat less dizzy. I seem to have plateaued on that right now so i’m looking forward to seeing my endo in a few weeks to check my level.

That’s where I’m at now. I’m holding on the Topamax because I don’t want to muddy the waters.

You start taking too many things at once and you don’t know what’s helping and what’s not.

Have you heard of the migraine diet? If not, get your hands on “heal Your Headache” by David Buccholz. The diet takes the dizziness down maybe 5-10%, but i’ll take any percentage points I can get my hands on.

Good luck,


wicked awesome julie! that seems like a lot of improvement, even though there is still some ways to go. interesting about the neurotin and klonopin. didnt know these were used together. i was always afraid to take more than one med. i guess i was wrong. it also good that each time u took something, u got a little better! i heard that doesnt always happen. i hope that happens for me.

doesn’t klonopin and topamax have similar actions? is it ok to be on both? just something i want to keep in mind in case the topamax doesn’t take care of everything but gives me enough relief to keep it going. im learning a lot!

yup! on the diet. my doctor told me about it. its not doing anything for me but i do it n e way lol. just to play it safe lol


you’re not supposed to expect results from the diet for at least a couple of months. I was extremely skeptical, but now that i’ve been on it for about 9 months, if I deviate, I feel it.

Topamax is an anticonvulsant.
Klonopin is a benzodiazepine.

Benzodiazepines are considered mild anticonvulsants, as well as anxiolytics, and, in my case, vestibular suppressants (what they’re called depends on what they’re being prescribed for) but I would be surprised if anybody said you can’t take them together. As a matter of fact, some people take more than one anticonvulsant at a time, eg Topamax and Neurontin.

thanks again. great info! i had no idea. i feel so much better about doing this now :wink: