What Multivitamin Do You Take?

Hi, I was wondering what multivitamin works for you all? I used to take One-A-Day Womens’ Multivitamin but I cannot tolerate it anymore. I’m not sure what is in that particular vitamin that makes me feel horrible, but I do need to find a new one to take. I just need a multivitamin with the standard amounts of vitamins and minerals. Thanks for your help.


gosh what does it do to you? thats horrible.

I take a senior multi vitamin from Vitamin Cottage because it didnt have propylene glycol in it. so many of them do.



Is there some reason you need to take one at all? If you have a balanced and healthy diet you shouldn’t need a multivitamin. I take fish oil because I don’t really enjoy the taste of most oily fish so tend not to eat it.


Thanks for your responses.

Chris, I usually feel nauseous immediately after taking the vitamin and then I feel like crap the following day. Its hard for me to even drive (due to motion sickness) withn 24 hours of taking the vitamin.

Victoria, no I guess I don’t have to take a daily multivitamin. However, since I have stopped eating various fruits and vegetables that I used to consume nearly every day (bananas, oranges, pineapple, beets, tomatos, etc.), I figured that it might be a good idea to take a multivitamin until I’ve had the opportunity to try out other fruits and vegetables to see if I have a negative reaction to any of them.

Also, at this point, I find it difficult to tolerate various kinds of fish and I have had to increase my intake of poultry and beef. As a result, I’m concerned that I’m not getting a good dose of vitamins and minerals each day.

I’ve been known to take blackmores women’s multi and no ill effects from that -not sure if it’s available where you live