What’s the link with Eustachian tube dysfunction

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I’ve been wondering for some time about the last two significant flare ups that I have had and the link with Eustacian tube dysfunction. Toward the end of the flares going on 6 weeks + I had this Eustacian tube dysfunction. Should I see ENT? This is after weeks of migraine. Is there a link I am missing?

Have you been diagnosed with etd or are you just referring to the feeling of swelling and pressure in your ears?

Migraines cause a feeling of pressure and fullness in the ears due to blood vessels swelling. It’s a common symptom.

I was misdiagnosed with etd before finally being diagnosed with vestibular migraine.

However if you are genuinely having actual etd you might have allergies, or need grommits in your ears so an Audiologist or ENT could help ,they do a test to see if you have etd where they insert a small rod into your ears. I had it done and it was normal, showing it wasn’t etd but was migraine .



Yes I have been diagnosed with both MAV and ETD, strangely enough the ETD comes after a massive attack that’s left me unable to do much for around 2 months. They’ve given me a steroid nasal spray for the nose and it did start working well. I just wonder about the link? Is it really coincidence that I get this after a bad attack? I highly doubt it. I do have ear symptoms with MAV too so sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the two. This time with the ETD I went deaf for a good week, with fullness, crackling ears, off balance… you name it!

The steroid nasal spray was actually a vm trigger for me.

It doesn’t sound like a coincedance if you keep getting it after a flare up, which makes me wonder if maybe the swelling of blood vessels in your ears from mav could actually cause the fluid to get blocked so then you develop actual etd? Or maybe it’s allergies that contribute both to your mav and etd?

I have no idea tbh, the GP said it could be from a cold or allergies but I haven’t been I’ll with anything other than MAV. I don’t know, I’ve emailed my Neuro to see what she thinks, I asked if she would suggest seeing an ENT. I hope it’s something that can be fixed if it is something more than just allergies… :roll_eyes: the list keeps getting longer!

Hope you feel better soon.

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I have the same symptoms that came on after a lengthy attack. I was also told ETD and feel there is a link. I have an appointment soon with an ENT next week so will ask and post an update (if I get an answer!)

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Hi Joey

Thank you for your reply! Yes please do let us know if you do find out… be interesting to hear :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, so I saw the ENT yesterday who said the symptoms of ETD can be migraine related but I told him I also have post nasal drip so he said it is likely it is being caused by silent reflux.

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It’s behind a Trust Level 2 bar (promotion is based on forum activity), but when you can, take a look at: https://mvertigo.org/t/reflux-revisited-advancing-the-role-of-pepsin/20940

basically, research hypothesises if stomach reflux might cause issues in ears …

Thanks very much - I’ll definitely take a look