What test have you all had done?

And which ones would you think should be done to rule out any other conditions?

The only ones I have not had done is a EEG and MRI of the brain. I did have a CAT Scan and A MRI of the neck so the doctor did not think the others were needed.

The list is short for me. I’ve had a ct on my brain (without contrast) viewed by a gp. This was in the emergency-room (had to wait for 5 hours before seeing anyone lol) and just to rule out braintumor etc.

Ive been to an ent who did the usual manual testing (twisting my head etc.) which all came out blank, except he noted that my head was twitching a little bit when he was holding it (he asked me why it was doing that).

I’m hoping to go through some more tests, but I dont even know if there are anything like an otoneurotologist (or whatever way its spelled) here in sweden. I live in the capital and still its ***** crazy how little response you get.

I dont think an mri would show anything as it usually doesnt for these problems (?).

I’m going to trial amitriptyline after christmas, maybe even before, and I’m a bit scared of taking it as no one really has examined me yet. What if it will aggravate whatever I have…


Mikael: It seems pretty obvious that you have migraine, no? With all the common symptoms, including headaches, and all… Amitriptyline didn’t work for me, but it has pretty much cured others, so…
Just start it slowly, at 5-10 mg.

3 x caloric tests (water in the ears), rotary chair (spinning around in the dark and spinning around in the light looking at a black and white striped curtain), ECOG (electrode in ear attached to computer graphing out ear pressure, listening to clicks), hearing tests (loads), Romberg and gait testing, BAER (electrodes something to do with the brain, somebody may be able to explain this more), something tracking lights on a bar (forgotten the name), MRI of brain, MRI of neck, MRI ear to check for neuroma (tumour thingy).
Sorry to be so vague but had so many tests over the last 25 or so years have forgotton some of them and the names.

What I do remember, is going for a set of tests at ENT at London, being scared as I had been through them before, and the nurse saying “I can assure you, you will not walk out of here feeling any worse than when you came in”. She Lied :evil:

Perhaps as a result of being initially misdiagnosed with epilepsy, I’ve had an EKG, multiple EEGs, MRI, MRA, tilt test, 2 hearing tests and a few others I probably forgot about given the 4 different drugs I’ve been on over the last 18 months.

I have had two ENG’s, one a little more thorough involving the rotary chair, passed both. Multiple hearing test that showed fluctuating hearing in the lower frequencies in one ear, but always returning to normal after an extended period of time. An MRI, and a CT scan. Some test that measures the pressure in your ears, and failed both of those tests, but each time I had that test taken I was having drastic hearing problems and fullness in the ear at the time of testing.

I know there are a couple of people on this forum right now that are not wanting to take the ENG test. I highly recomend it, even if the last part can be a bit torturous. The benifit of it is that it helps to rule out a couple of things allowing the doctors to home in on a proper diagnoses. Heck, I’ve done much worse to myself from a good night of drinking. You can always look at it like this, if you do have MAV, you “MAY” have to suffer the nauseu created by the test for a few hours instead of a few minutes, but if it helps the docs to figure out what you do have, that short period of suffering may lead to years that you don’t have to suffer.