What time do you take Pizotifen?

What time in evening do you take Pizotifen? How quickly does it start to make you sleepy if it is does?

I have to start with one a day and work up to three a day either one three times a day or all three at night.

I take it an hour before bed time. It doesn’t make me noticeably sleepy but does make me feel drowsier on waking in the morning, especially if I have to get up early for work. For that reason when I went from1.5 mg to 2.5 I decided not to take all 5 at night but 3 tablets at night and 2 in the morning. It has agreed with me fine with no other side effects for 18 months. Good luck!

Thank you!

It is so hard to know what is best time, guess it is trial and error really to find out what time is too early and what is too late!!! hehe!!


Just started on it tonight saw Dr Surenthiran and told me to take it at 6.30pm so we will see how it goes!

Hi, I started taking it about an hour before bedtime but it made me feel like a zombie and definitely made me more dizzy so I now take it as I am going to bed before the effects take place. Must say I sleep longer doing it this way. Some nights I actually get 6 hours which is amazing for me!!

I take mine at 9pm and got to bed about 2 hours later. This works well for me as you need to sleep off the drowsiness.

I have only had a small amount of weight gain due to increased appetite, otherwise it has been amazing for me!


I started taking it at 10pm then moved to 9.30pm and tonight I am going to try 9pm as I am struggling to wake up, spend the morning feeling spaced out!

I take it when i get into bed at 9 so i can fall asleep by 9.30. Thats 1.5 mg