What to do about The Nausea

The nausea associated with this has been on the upswing in the last few weeks …it usually goes away rather quickly but the last few days it has not disappeared like normal. What to do about this latest added issue…what do you guys do when you have really bad nausea…any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

I have nausea almost all the time. I take Tigan and it works pretty well. Domperidone worked really well but you need to get it from Canada. It may also have caused some tremors that I had in 2008.

Luckily, what really helps me is gentle heat on my stomach. I have one of those neck wraps that can go in the microwave or the freezer. So almost all day long, I have ice on my head and a hot pack on my stomach! I am a physical therapist, so I have ready access to these supplies. Ginger tea also soothes my stomach. Having my dog lay down with his back next to my stomach helps, but my husband doesn’t like him on the bed- too much hair!

I take so much medicine, so I try to tackle the nausea with the tea and warmth before I take more meds. But it’s funny. As bad as my migraines are, sometimes it’s the nausea that keeps me awake at night.


When my nausea is really bad I take Zofran. It it available by Rx. It has been a life saver for me!

I have to keep my anti-nausea meds in my purse and on my night stand. I hate nausea…before I knew what was wrong with me, I always thought I was getting the stomach flu with sooooo much nausea!!! I don’t hesitate to take my med if I need it. I take Trimethobenzamide 300 mg (script from my doc)…the only side effect I get with this is that my stomach feels normal!!!