What to look for when trying magnesium/coQ10 etc

Hi there fellow dizzies,

I remember some time ago i found some details about the above vitamins/supplements to try… but i cannot find this in the forum atm. Even used search function. Maybe it “snowed under”… (excuse me Ducth), maybe it’s just me (not being overly well atm, having eyeproblems because of MAV).

I would love your help and be pointed to the appropriate thread… or get some info somehow of what to look for when trying & buying:

  • Magnesium (there were some pretty specifications to look out for!)
  • Co Q10
  • Butterbur
  • Feverfew.


Lijne do you have access to the migraine science literature dropbox Scott set up - there are papers there covering most of these eg cochrane review on feverfew, papers o nthe use of riboflavin, magnesium etc

and here is a magnesium paper and conversation from the “other treatments” section of the site