What to take with nortriptyline?

Greetings from Spokane everyone!

I am still taking an elephant dosage of nortriptyline (200mg) for about 9 to 10 days. The only thing I feel (different) is ver mild cotton mouth…but it is hardly worth reporting.

From what I read, Nortryptiline takes 4-6 weeks to truly see if it is the miracle drug that I have been searching for. :o

Is there a common MAV drug to take during the same time to augment the nortriptyline whereas is it is hitting different receptors?

My doctor (although not well versed in MAV) is willing to write scripts for me if I have some sort of method to my madness… :shock:

Any ideas or suggestions on what to take with this current medication. (200 f######mg and I don’t feel a thing…grrrrrrrrrrrr)


I am sur you can trial just about anything you want. I also take a beta blocker with the ami. I take klonopin as needed on bad days as well. Have you tried any of these? Maybe you do need the combination of meds to combat your symptoms. I think muppo is on nori and at least 1 other drug…maybe she has some advice.
Hopefully you find some relief soon!

I also take Verapamil 480 ER 1/2AM and 1/2 PM
And I take Effexor 75 SR (non generic)


Todd – what about gabapentin? That’s what Mupp takes with Nori.

Hey Todd,

I’m on the same search as you to find what drug might combo well with my Effexor. And I have found through reading many success stories and learning from others here who know a lot about meds that drugs that hit both serotonin and norepinephrine seem to have great success. A lot of people are encouraging me to add nortryptiline to my Effexor since it hits norepinephrine at a low dosage and I am currently hitting serotonin with my Effexor. Pam here has great success with that combo and just recently Meredith is doing great on Paxil and nort. I know nothing about drugs but from what I’m reading here is that a combo of drugs that hit both of those seem to be a pretty magic combo. I am currently researching why this might be the case 8)

My dr just increased my fex so I’m hoping by increasing, it will hit both norepinephrine and serotonin. Now I just have to wait it out to see if that works. If it doesn’t, I’ll beg my dr to add Nort. Effexor has me at about 75% better and I’m back to work after 6 months on medical leave and enduring pure hell :evil: But I need something more so I’m hoping my theory is correct and will talk to my doc about it in June when I see him next.

I say try the fex.

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Todd – what about gabapentin? That’s what Mupp takes with Nori.

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All rise for Gabapentin and say AYE! :lol:

Yep Nori 75mgs and GP 1200mgs but I’m planning on going up with the GP in the next couple of months once I get the goahead from my specialist.

Todd - you and Scott in the same room would probably be like two magnets repelling each other given how you both cope on the meds front!! Scott can’t go within 50 ft of a box of drugs and you could swall a ten tonne truck full and still be able to walk the line! :shock:

the same could be said about me and my beer :smiley: