What's the worst thing you've heard a doctor say?

I’ll kick off. I’m sure this will seem mild in comparison to other experiences but after paying £££££ for an hour of this man’s time, he concluded:

“It might be just a bad ear” (!!!)

Well thanks for that deeply wise insight!


my doctor said sounds to me like a severe case of depression and anxiety and then asked if I was able to look after my son my response was “in my home we look after each other” she thought I had lost the plot but by that point she was proberbly not far off to be fair haha!


Haha good one!

My ENT said after three BPPV attacks: It’s just stress. Me: but I do not feel stressed except for this horrible rocking and vertigo. He: It’s just stress, I can’t think of anything else. And as long as you do not want to recognize it’s not stress, you will never get better.

And then I have found you guys!


Mine was “you definitely have a brain tumour” followed by a time span of up to 6 months for an MRI brain scan. Nice. I paid for the scan myself. I have an arachnoid cyst which the neurologist thinks may be a contributing factor.

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Hi everyone. I’m a newbie on here and thought I’d like to participate in this one!! I was made to get into different positions on an ENT couch and asked if I felt dizzy moving my head. When I sat up I was told yes you’ve proved positive for BPPV!!! The Dr wasn’t holding my head or even looking at my eyes!!!

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I had the first ENT I saw say “I went to a conference on Superior Semi Circular Canal Dehisence this past week, I think you have that”

He literally told me that I had a hole in my semi-circular canal, would need multiple MRIs and CT scans and would inevitably need brain surgery to correct the hole. Guy was an idiot

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@BHMaloney I had to get a separate scan for that as well. Also didn’t have it. Although in my case I was glad it was one more thing the doctor could rule out. My symptoms didn’t quite match it though.

I wanted to be referred to a neurologist for all my symptoms instead of them keep fobbing me off with it’s all anxiety. The doctor actually told me all the doctors in the practice need to agree on referrals like that and why would they put me forward when there are sick children with cancer who need referrals. That was the same doc who told me I could get a mental health problem as easy as catching a cold.

I changed docs after that.

Love it, James!! !! (when it is’nt me in the situation!!!) Typical, though, of my experiences over the years!!!
Of the replies so far, I think I’d rate Revolving’s as my worst fear!! So glad it proved untrue in your case!
Between all the times I was told it was stress, congestion/sinus, yada, yada, yada - I think the one that got me the most steamed up was “have a baby, and you won’t have time for dizzy spells!” Well, 2 grown ‘babies’ later…it’s still with me!!! What makes me mad is that we (or your medical benefit - ultimately you!), have to pay to hear these stupid comments!!!:unamused:

you seem very anxious…is it not anxiety (must have heard that off at least 4 GP’s)

Most irritating line (from a relation actually)…“they havent found anything wrong with you have they” …my reply last night “only three different types of Vertigo” ,“oh” she said

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I thought I’d stop lurking & join in with this one - some of the things these so-called experts say are utterly priceless.
My favourite from a consultant was, after diagnosing me with MAV and telling me to give up all the usual suspects (cheese, chocolate etc) “Go and live a boring life”! As my other half will attest, I’m not often lost for words but I couldn’t find the appropriate response to that one!


My favorite: spend at least an hour a day talking to my vertigo. Embrace it as God’s creation; do not tell it to go away. I said “…so you are recommending contemplative prayer for my vertigo and ear and head pain?” "Yes!"the doctor said, beaming. Recounted the conversation to my pastor, who thought it was the dumbest thing he ever heard.


geeeeze theres some right idiots about,if I spoke in a similar manor to my clients I wouldn’t have any and would of been fired! these docs/consultants are just as bad as the weather forecasters,complete tools!

Gosh that one made me laugh. It reminded me of a CBT/mindfulness lady who told me to ride it out like surfing a wave, accept it and know it’s with you for life. Be compassionate. It’s not going away. So stop being anxious, breathe into it. Why on earth can’t you accept it. I must speak to my mindfulness teacher to see if I’m not teaching compassionate acceptance correctly!!!

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O M G ! …

That’s the best one so far!

Eish! That one’s gotta take the cake, so far!!!

Oh no!

Ha!! I know!! But what’s even funnier is that I saw this woman from last may till November/December desperately thinking she could get me better!!!

Oh gosh. Did you tell your Doctor? What was their reaction. Did they agree no-one gets better??

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