What's your best guess?

I woke up very off this morning - first time in a long while. I reviewed yesterday and can’t find any known triggers - those I am most familiar with: elevators, too much screen time, air mattresses (I know. I am weird.) So tell me what you think it could be:
Too much ibuprofen (8 tabs in a 10 hour period)
2 glasses of seltzer with lime
Clam chowder, possibly with bacon
Staring at a big group of letter tiles on a table in front of me for 3 hours (playing anagrams)
4 hours in a jam packed noisy pub with TVs going (I wasn’t facing them.)

I know everyone has to figure out their own triggers but none of these above have caused me any issues in the past. I’m very surprised to wake up like this because even when i get a little woozy at night (too much wine for instance which i didn’t have last night) overnight I always get a reset.

Guesses welcome! And thank you :heart:

Hi Suzanne
It could be that you have overloaded your brain, if you did all of those things in one day. Our brains can often cope with one-off triggers, which can lull us into a false sense of security and we then push it a bit by overdoing the no nos! It sounds as if your brain is telling you that you have pushed it a bit! I was told, by my neuro that if I was feeling a bit off to avoid mature cheese, red wine, chocolate and marmite! I don’t know if these are my triggers, but I avoid them anyway even if I am feeing good. Hope you are feeling less ‘off’ today. :crossed_fingers:

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I would strongly point to the Clam Chowder. its often prepared in advance or sat slow cooking in a pot for awhile, which leads to Tyramine build-up. Bacon too has a ton of nitrates that trigger migraines.

otherwise, attacks just happen sometimes…