Whenever I get sick, some of my symptoms go away

I’ve noticed a pattern: Whenever I get sick (virus) I don’t feel nearly as though I’m swaying back and forth nearly as much, nor does my head feel…affected. I’m still anxiety ridden and it’s not like everything goes away, but just the general swaying motion really seems to subside. Does this happen with anyone else? Is this a sign of MAV at all - do migraines subside when another virus takes over? Any thoughts?

i do have some thoughts about this, but let me ask you something first - after the virus symptoms go away, does the swaying come back even worse or just the same as before?

Hi Julie -

I can only go by how I felt today (I can’t remember how I felt the day after the last time I got sick ;)). The “swaying” motion and the ostensible change of consciousness at night were quite apparent, but not out of the ordinary. Not a good night, but I’ve felt like this before.


Obviously, my eating habits change when I’m sick. I wonder if this has anything to do with it? Maybe because I eat a lot less, I’m not only avoiding certain foods altogether but I’m also eating less of foods that can trigger episodes? (Though the symptoms are chronic, they can fluctuate in degree - sometimes dramatically)

I came up with because I’m having one of my worst nights ever, having a very hard time even coming close to falling asleep because I’m rocking everywhere and my mind is racing. I can’t for the life of me figure out why things are so bad, then I realized that I ate a LOT of garlic before I went to bed - I took some minced garlic, poured it on some toast, added some garlic salt and garlic powder, and went to town. Now I am normally a garlic fan, but this was a great amount, all at once, and aside from the bread, there was nothing else with it. I’ve never really thought of garlic as a trigger (I haven’t been able to pinpoint actual triggers) but I looked it up and while it’s not on every list of triggers, it’s on some.

Edit: Actually, a couple of other lists I’ve looked at list garlic as a food that

Actually I just looked at another list, which lists raw garlic. Now I’ve had raw garlic before, but when I have garlic in this quantity it’s usually on vegetables or something and is usually cooked. Hmm…If garlic expands blood vessels, and expanding blood vessels causes migraines…arg, what am I even talking about, I’ve never been diagnosed with ANYTHING and here I am going on all these different tangents…ah well :wink:prevents or treats migraines. ARG!@#!@#

it is frustrating about the migraine triggers - if I eliminated every food that i could find on Google as a migraine trigger, i would die of starvation!

About the ebb and flow of your symptoms during a seasonal virus - in desparation, I worked with a homeopath for a couple of years. The treatment was great for awhile - i was actually symptom-free and full of energy and life until she got careless and over-dosed me - now I am worse than ever. I would never suggest homeopathic treatment to anybody, even though I think it works, but it is too easy to mess a person up.

Anyway, here is what she would say: homeopaths believe that we all are afflicted with a chronic state of illness, brought on the various stresses of life, along with dispositions we are born with. This state originates on the level of our energy but manifests in physical ways. When a virus comes along, it has an energy level which is temporarily strong enough to replace our chronic illness. When we recover from the virus, we get our chronic illness back, but are in a weakened state, so the chronic symptoms are even worse while we continue to recover from the virus attack.

Anyway, make what you will of all that - it’s homeopathic theory - but i do find that it plays out to be true in my life.

Good luck with your treatment - this can all make you crazy, trying to figure out what to avoid, what causes what, etc, etc, etc


P.S. You mention your mind racing at night. That happens to me too - i really have a hard time getting to sleep because of the dizziness, and also a mind that just won’t shut off. Sometimes, the pace of my thoughts seems to match that of the dizziness, if that makes any sense.