Where is the pain

My migraines have always been primarily at the back of my head in the occipital region. Occasionally, I have had temple pressure areas of pain and tingling and feeling like an elephant was sitting on top of my head, but nearly always in the space under the scull at the back of my head. Even without the pain, the pressure is nearly always here. Be interested to know where others feel their pain?


Before I started the meds, my headaches were primarily the classic tension headaches and frequent. About two or three times a year, I would get a severe headache that would be in the temples and the back of the neck. I now know these to be a form of migraine, becuase I found hiding in a dark quite room helped.

I now get this type of headache more frequently since I started taking the meds, but considering that I can walk and think at the same time now I am willing to put up with it.

Cmoc…even my migraines are still considered “Silent Migraines” because i have the Motion and Tension + a slight throbbing instead of excrutiating pain…and i always seem notice my temples are more tense…but more noticeable on the right side temple.


used to start In my right eye - like a hot poker - into my right temple, moving over the right side of my head, down into my neck.


Hey Jul- you used to get pain, but no longer do. What do you attribute that to? Not really any of the meds you take now do you? (Sorry, I forget). :frowning:


i only got pain in my early 20’s. then i got only aura with no pain. then even the aura went away. then about 7 years ago i got the lava lamp only.

What i would like to hear from people is: do people with headaches get less dizziness, problem is we can’t quantify that on this forum. I think that as I got older my illness got worse. It started as classical migraine that went through it’s cycle and was over. then as years went by my system didn’t have enough energy to put out that whopping headache, so i just got aura. but my chronic illness was sicker. (this is the thinking of alternative medicine) then finally my system got hit with a stress that put me over the edge, my crash, and the only way it could express was this horrendous vertigo. Now i’m taking preventatives which are not making me healthy, they are making me feel better. my system is still chronically sick. As well, the preventatives are taxing my already fragile system. But what are my choices? If the migraine cure were for real, and Scott is checking out the science behind it, it really would be a much better way to go.

Regarding the lava lamp, the first time it appeared was during a massage and I thought it was pretty cool. it was intensified anytime I would get a foot massage or a scalp massage, but basically it was there all the time, eyes open or closed. I never thought it had anything to do with migraine until i heard people on this forum talking about it. i was devastated to think that it was actually pathologic. And i’m still not so sure it is.

One of the reasons I knew I would be a good candidate for Topamax is because I have what the medical model calls TLD (temporal lobe dysfunction) - clairvoyance, de ja vu, intense hypnagognia, prophetic dreams, felt presences. Other things that the medical model accepts happens. Other things included in TLD are: things moving around in a room, healing powers, etc.

Yes, the medical model admits that they exist, they just pathologize them. And they don’t give them the diagnosis of psychosis, just that there is an area in the brain that needs tweaking in order to make them stop. It’s a common part of a psychiatrist’s questionaire to ask a patient about these things, and the antedote is an AC. Gee we sure don’t want to have people going around having healing powers, do we?

Anyway, my lava lamp first came to me in the form of am eye and was situated right in the middle of my forehead, exactly where the third eye would be. I believe it IS my third eye (those who know what the third eye is will know what i’m talking about, those who don’t, it doesn’t matter). Topamax has stolen it from me except in the middle of the night, when it comes back to me. I’m getting such good relief from Pristiq that I hope to be able to come down on Topa some day, maybe with a little help from verapamil.

Forgive me for going off on a tangent. What was this thread about?? Oh, yea, headaches.



You go girl!!! :wink:

i should say, that now that memory serves me correctly, the first time it came to me was during sex - WOW! :idea: That’s when the eye hit me and never left.

Afterwards, it was intensified during massage - those massages that take you into a deep Zen state. where you are truly the breath.

thanks Kim - you somehow know how to get me talkin’

i think you should send me a bill :slight_smile:

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Hmmmm, I do my billing by email these days. You know, the economy and all… :shock:

p.s. Thanks for sharing Jul!!! LOL :mrgreen:

Dear Kim,

You have out-smarted me again ! I’m starting to get a little pissed off - i don’t LIKE being out-smarted! :evil:

But i still love ya! :mrgreen: