Whey protein powder replacement?

Hi Everyone
Couldn’t really find anything relevant and/or recent in the forum or elsewhere and was wondering if maybe I could find something here.
I used to regularly work out (at the gym, but in covid times at home). I’m taking some time off because I’ve had 2 relapses in the last few months (1 serious and another not so much) so I’m trying to rest, and checking all options right now, including eliminating some stuff from my diet.
So far I’m a week without coffee and except for the occasional headache I’m fine (well, if you don’t count the fact that I’ve been feeling a little off in the last 24 hours again :frowning: ), and I’m trying to rule out a few other things to see if I get better.
I understand from the dizzy cook (and from here also) that whey powder proteins (and therefore protein-packed yogurts) are a big no-no, and I’m a little stressed that when I do go back to working out I won’t be able to meet my protein intake goals.
I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a protein powder that might be good for MAV?
I’ve read about egg white protein powder, has anyone here tried it maybe?



Hey Jonathan

  • very similar questions to what I was asking myself a while ago. For now I would just stick to increasing your protein intake with your diet. I cut protein powders out of mine for a good 2 years now. I found that eating more lean free range meat has just the same effect but without the convenience of a shake.

A good company I use to buy protein rich meats and foods are Muscle Food (you may already know it) they are fab and the chicken breasts I cannot rate highly enough! They are organic and there are hampers you can buy to cut costs and freeze. There are all kinds of protein rich items on there that you can browse though.

Check it out :muscle:t2:

I looked into this recently myself. Check out the vegan protein powders, such as Hemp powder. Look for the cleanest & most organic version possible.

I’m surprised whey protein is bad for MAV. What’s the science behind that, out of interest?

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In that case, I’d try a clean whey protein first. If no difference, then try a vegan one to see if there’s a difference :+1:

I can’t have dairy for other reasons. Due to other dietary issues, I’ve used soy, egg white and rice protein powder. Soy and rice are my pick for taste, although they are not going to be as smooth as whey ever. Plus, they also have their issues related to either hormones or arsenic. I’ve primarily used Nutribiotic vanilla rice powder for years. It blends well with a high powered blender. I usually blend olive oil, berries, juice or water and the powder in my cup attachment for my blender. Think a shaker bottle would leave it too gritty.

The egg white powder I tried had such a strong taste, it was hard to get past. I did and used it for a while, but never really got to the point of liking it.

I’ve heard good things about pea and hemp, but haven’t tried them.

This one is interesting. I might start looking into it myself. Thank you for sharing this.

It’s more expensive, but Collagen works for me. Great Lakes Collagen is on amazon and then there is Vital Protein Collagen that is in Costco now.

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That was my biggest struggle with a migraine diet! I loved my powders and bars. If you are following HYH, pumpkin seed protein powder is safe. It doesn’t taste good mixed with just water though. It’s better added to smoothies, oatmeal, etc. I actually just ordered a safe egg white one to try, so I’ll report back!

I have been taking humapro and they have it in powder and pill version. One very small scoop (about 1/4 scoop of regular whey protein) supposely should be 25g of protein. I like it because it doesn’t make me bloated and it’s only 20 calories. It also taste more like vitamin water than anything.

Soya protein or pea protein is fine, or probably any vegan protein

Doesn’t have the same flavour, and can cost a bit more, but does the job :+1:

Thanks for all the replies!
According to TheDizzyCook (regarding the HYH diet at least) Soy protein isolate is also a no-go.
Now, for all I know, maybe whey protein is also fine for me as I have been drinking it almost daily for a few months without any attack at all so I’m unsure how I should proceed.
Did anyone here actually feel that whey protein (or soy protein for that matter) actually caused a relapse in symptoms?

Hey :slight_smile:
I found a product called (sorry, can’t add links) " Natural Factors, Whey Factors, Grass Fed Whey Protein, Natural French Vanilla Flavor", the supplement facts and amino acid profile looks great and it’s sounds clean.
Would you say that this is a clean option to try? been breaking my brain trying to find something and this seems cleaner than most.

Assuming you are ok with the flavor of stevia, probably not bad. I can’t stand that flavor myself, so that would be a deal breaker for me. My husband uses the unflavored whey protein from Promix Nutrition. He hasn’t tried any of the flavored varieties, but really likes the plain. Might be another option to look at.