White Spots on Brain scan

Hi there

I have been getting bad migraines and dizziness for about 4 months and am now taking propranolol 160mg daily. My neurologist suggested a scan to check all was ok. It has come back with white spots on the brain. He says this is nothing to worry about and that some people with migraine get them. He said it is normal for people to get these as they get older, and that I have more white spots than someone normally does at my age. Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar result?


Hi Rachael. Yes, my MRI results also came back with small white spots. The neurologist(s) I have seen, including Johns Hopkins, were not concerned and said they can be indicative of migraine. I am not sure if you have read the book, “Heal Your Headache”, but the author also mentions that they are common. Here is another post from Adam (a member) who summed it well:

“Those spots you refer to sound like white matter hyperintensities. They are seen quite often in migraineurs
and do not progress. There is also no evidence to suggest that someone with these areas of hyperintensity on MRI,
will be any harder to treat than someone without them.”


Hope this eases your mind!


Hi Denise

Ok, thanks for your reply. It is good to hear other people have this aswell. My neurologist did say it was nothing to worry about, but when i came home and researched it online there were alot of other things that the white spots could mean.

Thanks again