Why am I having issues with TV YouTube app?

Not sure if anyone can help me with this… When watching videos on the youtube app on my smart tv i always feel dizzier and have to turn it off. But watching ordinary tv channels live, or streaming shows on bbc iplayer doesn’t bother me. Is there some sort of different frequency the youtube sound is broadcast at?

Listening to sound via my phone makes me feel dizzier too, which is understandable. But can’t understand why one app on a tv affects me while others don’t.

I’d lay a bet that’s because of your Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex and issue with the frame rate of the youtube videos/app which might differ with the TV host, leading to some subtle flashing or tearing artefacts that are irritating to you.

I wonder if you could try changing some of the quality settings in the Youtube app?

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I’ll take a look.

Edit: there’s no settings on the tv app for quality or visuals, only subtitles, language and subscriptions.

So it’s not just youtube, it’s actually the menu screen itself on my tv and any streaming apps. I don’t understand why it makes my migraine so much worse just looking at it but ordinary live tv channels don’t affect me. My phone screen affects me too. I altered the brightness settings but they only apply to ordinary live tv and don’t apply to the menu screen or apps.

i think its the refresh rate, like James said. also if you have one of the newer TVs, those flicker at high frequencies which can aggravate migraine.

Ugh it’s so annoying i can’t watch streaming now. It’s weird that ordinary tv channels don’t affect me though.i wonder if chromecasting from my phone app might be different than watching straight from the tv app? I can’t look at my phone screen though so probably wouldn’t help. I’ve found that weirdly some days i can watch iplayer fine but not the other streaming apps, yet other days can’t even nanage iplayer. The frequency on my tv is 50/60 hertz and apparently higher frequencies are better for migraine sufferers.

So i belive it is the frame rate causing the issue.The rate of the inbuilt apps is different from ordinary live tv channels. However, it’s a higher rate than tv channels ,yet higher rates are supposed to be better for migraine sufferees and lower rates better. I don’t know what display rate the inbuilt apps use but my mobile phone is 50hz and that causes me problems. Live TV in the uk is usually 30hz but that’s not a problem for me. The frame rate of my chromecast is 30hz so i’m going to try that. Maybe i’m better with slower rates, just to be the opposite of most people …