Why am I having issues with TV YouTube app?

Not sure if anyone can help me with this… When watching videos on the youtube app on my smart tv i always feel dizzier and have to turn it off. But watching ordinary tv channels live, or streaming shows on bbc iplayer doesn’t bother me. Is there some sort of different frequency the youtube sound is broadcast at?

Listening to sound via my phone makes me feel dizzier too, which is understandable. But can’t understand why one app on a tv affects me while others don’t.

I’d lay a bet that’s because of your Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex and issue with the frame rate of the youtube videos/app which might differ with the TV host, leading to some subtle flashing or tearing artefacts that are irritating to you.

I wonder if you could try changing some of the quality settings in the Youtube app?

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I’ll take a look.

Edit: there’s no settings on the tv app for quality or visuals, only subtitles, language and subscriptions.