Why not take medication during aura?

I’ve seen several recommendations that say do not take migraine medication during the aura phase of a headache, Dr. Silver’s slide presentation included. But without hearing his commentary, I have no idea why the contraindication. I’ve always been told take the medication immediately, as soon as you know a headache is coming on, which with me is aura. Can someone explain the reasoning behind not taking it during aura? Thanks.

I would love to know the answer too. This is purely speculation on my part, but I wonder if it is because triptans are not suitable for treating aura and since they have such a narrow window of time in which they work, if you take them during aura, you risk taking them too early and ending up with the headache phase anyway because things didn’t line up correctly. Hopefully someone else knows for sure.

My neurotologist didn’t warn me against it. And my neurologist told me explicitly to take the benzodiazapene at first sign of aura.