The Vestibular Disorders Support Community
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Why this community is built on a forum and not a chat platform

“Chat” communities have become popular of late especially Discord and in the past Slack, etc.

Here’s the reason we maintain things as a forum (in our case, using the Discourse engine):

Why would the community spend time replying to the same question over and over in chat, if we:

  • can reply once in Discourse
  • have the question be indexed on the internet (so you and others can find it!).
  • have easy ways to merge duplicates, categorise and tag information
  • ability to refer to old discussions?

Please bear this in mind when posting:

  • always, always use search first to see if the question has been asked before.
  • find Topics that cover the area you wish to discuss
  • if you read them and still wish to contribute, hit Reply on that Topic
  • if you can’t find a Topic that fits your question, then go-ahead, post it as a New Topic.

Because NB: you aren’t the only one who will benefit from the answer to your question and keeping it structured and tidy here helps the future members as well as the existing ones.